Chapter 51 – Jing Family Banquet 1

Chapter 51 – Jing Family Banquet (1)
… … …

“Alright, make sure to hurry up. Call me when you get there.”

Ten minutes later, the car arrived at the venue for the banquet.

Gu Jin stepped out of the car and made her way towards the hotel.

When she arrived at the gate, the party had yet to start. She presented her invitation to the porter and entered straightaway.

The grand hall was filled with people moving to and fro while luxurious crystal chandeliers shone light upon several floors. Many of the guests had arrived at this time. The dazzling lights, exquisite clothing and seductive perfumes gave an atmosphere of feasting and pleasure seeking.

The lobby that overflowed with guests was filled with soothing music. No matter who these people were in reality, at least at this moment, they were all elegant men and women who laughed and enjoyed a lively conversation with one another.

A waiter wearing a white buttoned shirt and black pants walked amongst the crowd with a tray of drinks to offer to the guests.

When Gu Jin entered the hall, she immediately attracted the attention of countless men and women with her wine red dress, a fishtail skirt, and exquisite makeup. The gaze of jealous and embarrassed onlookers continued to linger on her figure.

Gu Jin clutched her handbag and stared back silently.

As the waiter came to her side, Gu Jin took a glass of juice and sat in a quiet corner away from the venue.

She didn’t bother informing Cheng Xin that she had arrived. Anyways, if by chance Mu Mingcheng couldn’t make it to the party, she planned to remain as a passerby and leave.

But her wish was destined to fail.

A stranger approached her and said with a smile, “Where did this beautiful girl come from? How can you come alone to this party?”

Gu Jin turned around and saw that this newcomer was a forty-year-old man wearing black rimmed glasses. He wore a proper suit and leather shoes while showing a gentle smile.


He would have looked like a trustworthy elder that cared for her, if only his eyes didn’t dart towards her cleavage from time to time as if he was doing it inadvertently.

Gu Jin smiled back, causing her countenance to appear even more gorgeous and compelling. The man’s eyes suddenly focused on her face.

She replied, “Thank you, Uncle. My boyfriend will be arriving soon.”

“…You’re welcome,” the man couldn’t help but choke in reply when she called him ‘uncle.’ His expression changed slightly, but then he laughed and stretched out his hand, saying, “My surname is Zhao, the head of an entertainment company. I think you have the potential to be a star. Would you like to leave me your contact information?”

The man thought to himself that he had never seen this woman make an appearance at the high society parties he has attended. She said that she was brought to this expensive banquet by her boyfriend, and yet that boyfriend actually didn’t mind leaving her alone by herself.

Thinking that a young beautiful woman like her hooked up with a rich second generation just to come to a high end place like this, this woman was probably the kind of person who wouldn’t decline money in order to grab the opportunity for fame.

In that case, hehe~

Gu Jin glanced at the man’s neatly combed hair. She looked down and smiled without reply.

Boss Zhao lifted a hand to reach for her. Suddenly he yelped in pain. His hand was pinched and his finger bones were crushed by a powerful force.


“Oh? You want my girlfriend’s contact information?” A cold voice threateningly whispered behind him. “I have it too. Looks like I should give it to you.”
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