Chapter 52 – Jing Family Banquet 2

Chapter 52 – Jing Family Banquet (2)
… … …

Mu Mingcheng’s cold expression rested on the old boss and the stunning woman across from him.

Boss Zhao’s old bones felt crushed and his hands were twisted painfully. He turned back to scold the offender when he suddenly saw the face of a young man in a white suit. Boss Zhao’s back was soon covered in cold sweat.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that this was Mr. Mu’s woman,” he said in a trembling voice.

“Gentleman, please forget this villain and spare me this time.”

“Get out of here and never show your face in front of me again. Take your little entertainment company and disappear immediately,” Mu Mingcheng warned as he threw Boss Zhao a couple meters away.

Boss Zhao hurriedly scrambled away without a sound.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you?” A familiar acquaintance of his who had witnessed the scene from afar quickly asked him.

Boss Zhao grinned with a pale face and replied, “I have stomach problems but forgot to bring medicine with me today, so I’ll be heading back first.”

With that, he rushed out of the hall.

Talents were quite rare to find, but despite this, nobody dared to approach Gu Jin again. Boss Zhao’s acquaintance went off on his way and found someone else to converse with.

In fact, he and Boss Zhao each owned small entertainment companies and did everything they possibly could to receive an invitation to the Jing family’s banquet. They could gain more opportunities for their business as long as they form ties with the higher class.

For that old man to leave just because of a small stomach-ache?

How stupid!

At this time, two people were left in a corner.


Gu Jin’s hopes to leave early ended in disappointment. Her eyes paused for a second on Mu Mingcheng’s burgundy tie before she turned and sat down on the sofa. She swirled her glass of juice and the corner of her lips lifted to a smile. “It was only for a small acting role. Why would Mr. Mu be so overbearing?”

“The usual recruitment is no issue. But who gave him the permission to touch my baby’s hands?” Mu Mingcheng sat beside Gu Jin and looked at her deeply.

He praised himself for having good eyes as he appreciated how beautifully the long red-wine dress complimented Gu Jin’s milky white skin. The fishtail style dress perfectly outlined his girlfriend’s attractive figure, coupled with the star shaped diamond necklace that hung on her neck and the white clutch she carried. Her dignified and cold aura mixed with a touch of gentleness was in line with Mu Mingcheng’s imagination of a desirable woman.

Gu Jin froze when she heard Mu Mingcheng her his ‘baby’ and almost choked on her juice.

The corner of her mouth twitched as she pondered to herself: this is the same Mu Mingcheng who could set off waves by simply attending the Jing family feast, right?

Seeing Gu Jin’s doubtful gaze, Mu Mingcheng voluntarily explained, “I came through the back door so no one else has properly seen me yet.”

Then how did you find me so quickly, as if you had a dog’s nose?

Gu Jin wanted to ask him, but the banquet was about to begin.
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