Chapter 53 – Jing Family Banque

… … …

The couple stood up and walked to the middle of the hall.

Suddenly, Mu Mingcheng stopped on his tracks, gazed down at Gu Jin, then offered his arm to escort her. The corner of his lips raised to an elegant smile, similar to a refined scholar.

Gu Jin bowed her head and avoided his gaze. A strand of hair slid down to her forehead and her shiny earrings reflected a dazzling light. Underneath the glow, her stunning long dress matched well with the subtle blush on her face, adding a touch of shyness to this dignified daughter’s image.

Following Mu Mingcheng’s intentions, Gu Jin naturally placed her hand around his arm and followed his lead.

This beautiful couple with their similar demeanor soon attracted dogged stares from the guests around them.

At this time, an elderly calm voice resounded in the hall, causing the crowd to quiet down. The head of the Jing family delivered his speech. Most opening speeches for this kind of banquet had the same content; he thanked the guests for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the event.

The speech should have been delivered by Jing Ruo’s father, who wanted to attend. But since the Jing’s elder had come in person, the banquet carried greater significance.

The crowd listened in boredom to the speech until Elder Jing suddenly announced, “I decided to transfer 5% of the Jing company’s jewelry shares to my granddaughter, Jing Ruo.”

This sentence was like a bolt of lightning. Not just the guests, but even those acquainted with the Jing family were caught by surprise. Apparently, no one was expecting such a move.

There was only one man who stood calmly beside the old man without showing any fluctuations in his expression. Who knew whether he had received the news early or not.

No matter what the other members of the Jing family thought, no one dared to question the elder’s words. Although Master Jing had long retired after decades of toil and prosperity, it would be impossible for him to bring his family to its present high status without some means of suppressing the later generations.

Each person kept their own thoughts. Before the event, the guests had yet to form an opinion regarding Jing Ruo.

After all, she wasn’t blood-related to the Jing family. Compared to those who were true relatives of this household, her standing was a step behind. If she ever breaks ties with the family in the future, Jing Ruo wouldn’t be able to win anything of value.

As far as money is concerned, those present in the event had no lack of it.


But now the situation has changed. By being granted a share from the Jing conglomerate, even if it was just a fraction of their numerous industries, this was enough to prove Jing Ruo’s importance and recognition within the Jing family.

At least after this day, the level and scope of Miss Jing Ruo’s suitors will rise several levels.

A thunderous applause rang as Miss Jing Ruo strolled down the stairs with her hand resting on the handrail.

Her youthful appearance, just like an innocent little sister next door, reminded most men of their first love.

But the long red dress she wore didn’t quite suit her appearance. Her young face was painted with a mature and lively style of makeup, which gave others an impression of a pure yet charming girl. This attracted many men’s attention.

The composed man standing next to Elder Jing moved. He stepped forward to take Jing Ruo’s hand, and a slight warmth appeared on his cold and solemn face.

This was the first time that Gu Jin laid her eyes on the novel’s male protagonist, Jing Hao.
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