Chapter 54 – The Novel’s Male Protagonis

… … …

As the male protagonist of the novel, the man’s appearance and stature were top notch. The story had many descriptions for Jing Hao; a man with sharp features, was a distant and cold as an iceberg, and a beautiful male god…and so on. These were all words that identified him.

At a glance, Gu Jin could see why the female protagonist ended up in his hands instead of Shao Chong’s.

Because he was an ambitious man without any disguise!

She recalled how in the novel’s plot, the male protagonist Jing Hao was a descendant of a famous noble family. During the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Jing Hao’s

Grandfather had sent funds to the army many times which gave a good impression of many important figures. That was why in these recent decades, the Jing family’s business has been smooth sailing; no one deliberately tried to make things difficult for them. Thus, the Jing family’s company is famous throughout the country.

Jing Hao, at 27 years old, already inherited the family business and managed it well.

Compared to the innumerable beer bellied businessmen, Jing Hao boasted a first-figure and a youthful appearance.

However, he was still unsatisfied with the achievements he had made thus far, so he vowed in this lifetime to bring the Jing company to new heights and to enter its most prosperous period.

For most of his life, he was an expressionless man who worked tirelessly like a machine. He occasionally sought women to alleviate his physiological needs, but his heart was never moved. Not until he met Cheng Xin, his little sun. Only in her company did he reveal his true self and expose his fiery heart beneath his mask of indifference.

Gu Jin couldn’t understand this kind of feeling, but she did recall a phrase that was used often in the novel: ‘People who live within a complex and icy world are always looking forward to a simple warmth.’

The same was true for Cheng Xin.

Many young ladies in the capital eyed Jing Hao as an object of marriage. With his fame, there were no shortage of women around him. In this high class social circle, how many men were actually loyal and reliable?

It was normal for couples to play the game of love. As long as they didn’t make too much trouble, no one will take the initiative to expose their true colors.

And women weren’t fools either.


Since they weren’t destined to harvest a perfect marriage, it was better to find a man who had both power and good looks!

Anyways, so long as they held money, retained the status of a wife and secured their children’s inheritance, who cares about a man’s third leg?

Moreover, in the past six months the Imperial Capital’s news reports no longer circulated any rumors about Jing Hao being entangled with any actresses. So the eager ladies thought optimistically: maybe he’s had enough time to change his bad habits?

What they didn’t know was that the monkey had indeed turned turned his back on evil and had already entered another woman’s pockets, but their relationship had not yet been made public.

Meanwhile, what Shao Chong lacked was Jing Hao’s ambition and determination. But what he had even less of was the male protagonist’s calmness and indifference

When he courted Cheng Xin, he showed her a truly sincere heart. But who knows if it’s the case of a scent from a distance or a scent closeby**. If something is too easy to get, it won’t be cherished and will easily be abandoned. [note] 却不晓得远香近臭 – Idiom (a scent from afar) means that being far away makes the person appear more beautiful whereas (scent close by) means that being close to someone will magnify that person’s flaws. [/note]

Cheng Xin had high standards. Since childhood, she was like the stars that surrounded the moon. Since she wanted the best, it was no wonder that she would choose Jing Hao.

Gu Jin reminded herself that in any case, someone like Jing Hao can’t be pure or guiltless.
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