Chapter 55 – Don’t Blame Me Later

Chapter 55 – Don’t Blame Me Later
… … …

The cheerful waltz floated in the hall as Jing Ruo began her dance with Jing Jao. Her light steps and lively movements revealed her feelings for her partner.

“What’s there to look at?” Mu Mingcheng said in dissatisfaction when he caught Gu Jin staring at the man in the middle of the stage. He tightened his grip around her hand.

But as soon as he felt her delicate skin, he couldn’t bear to put more pressure and lose this hand.

From Gu Jin’s point of view, that man on the dance floor is the third generation of the prominent Jing family. He seems to be around the same age as Gu Jin and has already made a name for himself in the capital.

I heard this iceberg type of a man is very popular among women.

Mu Mingcheng knitted his brows.

The slight pain on her wrist pulled Gu Jin’s attention away from the dancing couple. She looked back and glared at her villainous partner.

This beauty’s sharp gaze was quite dangerous, especially with her peach-blossom shaped eyes.

Even though Mu Mingcheng had been confident that they would break up within three months, he couldn’t help but feel his heartstrings being pulled.

Suddenly, his throat felt a little dry. If not for the wrong place and time, he would’ve kissed this attractive woman.

Noticing the eagerness from the depths of Mu Mingcheng’s eyes, Gu Jin naturally looked away and swept her loose hair behind her ear.

At this time, the opening dance concluded.

The romantic mood had suddenly dissipated and the atmosphere between Mu Mingcheng and Gu Jin turned awkward. Mr. Mu coughed and recomposed himself.

“That woman named Jing Ruo is not simple,” he commented.


Gu Jin looked up at him in surprise. How did he know?

Personally, she was only aware of Jing Ruo’s inner paranoia and madness by reading the novel, but how did Mu Mingcheng discover this?

Did he secretly investigate her as well?

“You don’t have to worry about it,” Mu Mingcheng felt an urge as his girlfriend stared at him with bright eyes. He held her hand and gently rubbed her fingertips.

There were many children and grandchildren in the Jing family, resulting in a fierce competition. In the future, the head of the household will surely fall into Jing Hao’s hands. The others dared not covet his position; they can only please the current elderly head in hopes that he grants them company shares, to ensure that their food and clothing are secured in the future.

But as an adoptive daughter, Jing Ruo was still able to easily extract 5% of the shares from the old man. This reveals that this woman was not as pure and harmless as her appearance. She was certainly someone who can’t be underestimated.

However, such a person isn’t worthy of me. Mu Mingcheng didn’t realize that he said his thoughts out loud.

After the opening dance, the other guests partnered up and entered the dance floor.

Mu Mingcheng offered his hand before Gu Jin and gave a gentlemanly bow. His intentions of inviting her to dance were obvious.


Gu Jin hesitated as she stared at his bony hands. She stood on the spot without moving.

Mu Mingcheng raised his head and showed a gentle smile, but the light in his eyes indicated to her that she can’t refuse. It was very impolite to turn down invitations to dance at such a dinner party, and of course, those who were rejected fall into disgrace.

‘Well, you asked for it. Don’t blame me for this later,’ Gu Jin sighed silently. She placed her hand into his warm palm and joined him at the dance floor.

Dancing is different from other skills; it isn’t something you can learn overnight.

Although Gu Jin inherited the original host’s memories, she still followed her own set of habits.

‘That can’t be right.’ Mu Mingcheng’s pained expression in spite of his image revealed how bad this issue was.

“Do you not know how to dance?” When the song ended, the man couldn’t wait to drag his partner off the stage.

He shouldn’t have sent her high heels, and now he was the last one to suffer. He never experienced this kind of pain, even in the battlefield.


Those hateful, ten-centimeter high heels nailed his feet seven or eight times throughout the dance, causing his instep to turn blue from bruising!
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