Chapter 56 – Like A Child

… …. ….

Mu Mingcheng laughed coldly. He strongly suspected that her actions were deliberate.

Gu Jin looked up at him innocently. She didn’t want to dance at all and he had to pull her over to the dance floor!

Well, she did have a vengeful thought just now, but the music ended before her counterattack could be implemented.

It’s a pity that she wasn’t able to carry it out. And just when she started getting accustomed to the original host’s memories of dancing skillfully, without any mistakes, the dance had ended!

Her expression had a tinge of regret.

But Mu Mingcheng wasn’t planning to dance with her again, and others won’t even think about inviting her after such a painful scene.

“Mr. Mu, I didn’t expect you to come to the banquet as well!” A man came to greet Mu Mingcheng after he and his girlfriend had stepped outside the dance floor to rest. The newcomer looked at Gu Jin’s face in awe and asked, “Who is this beautiful lady?”

Although the person speaking was a 50-year-old portly old man, he didn’t act like an authoritative elder and had even addressed Mu Mingcheng respectfully as ‘Mr. Mu.’

Of course, this type of flattery may not work.

Businessmen who weren’t part of the elite always had to handle things tactfully. Even if he had doubts about Gu Jin’s identity, he will never mention anything unpleasant about her. Besides, this was the first girl Mu Mingcheng had brought with him after all these years.

And this middle-aged man, who learned the ropes of business but not its essence, isn’t destined to last long in this lucrative field.

“This is my girlfriend, surnamed Gu.” Mu Mingcheng put his arm around Gu Jin’s shoulder and introduced her. “This is the owner of Lin Hai Food Company.”

“Nice to meet you Manager Lin.” Gu Jin leaned comfortably in Mu Mingcheng’s arms and said, “Your snacks are delicious. When I was young, I often ate snacks made by your company.”

“Oh? Miss Gu also likes to eat snacks made by my company?” the pleasantly surprised Manager Lin was eager to shake her hand. Mu Mingcheng glanced at Gu Jin endearingly and said helplessly, “She’s always greedy. She’s young and acts like a child.”


Who’re you calling greedy and a child. Didn’t you hear me say that it was during my childhood?

Gu Jin didn’t expect him to tease her from a simple remark.

It seems that he had forgotten the pain on his insteps just earlier; she should have nailed his feet a couple more times.

Gu Jin glared at the culprit in annoyance, then put her hand under his suit and pinched him.

Unexpectedly, Mu Mingcheng’s whole body was covered in shapely muscles. Her attempts at pinching his waist ended up hurting her own fingers instead.

Mu Mingcheng smiled gently at shook hands with the gentleman. With Gu Jin’s meager strength, her murderous pinches felt more like light scratches. Mu Mingcheng’s feet were still sore, but now his waist felt ticklish.

“Oh, young people.”

Who hasn’t once experienced youth? He could see that this young man’s possessiveness over his girlfriend was strong, to the point where he even wards off an elder. Manager Lin immediately understood Mu Mingcheng’s meaning; he shook hands with the young man before turning away to converse with other people.

Manager Lin happened to get to know Mu Mingcheng by chance in the past, and it was rare for someone to actually remember his name. To please people is what a businessman should do, but he must also learn to read the situation. For example, when a couple is flirting with each other, what’s the point of standing beside them and being the third wheel.
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