Chapter 57 – The Female Protagonist’s White Moonligh

… … …

He had to admit that Miss Gu was not only an eye-catching woman–she also had good tastes. Although his company has changed over the past few years to focus on making high-end cuisine instead of snacks, the small snacks will always mark the prosperous beginning of their company!

After being praised for his company, the elderly businessman suddenly had a thought after walking a few steps away from the couple; if he remembers it correctly, the Jing and Mu family didn’t have any friendship ties, and yet Mr. Mu had actually attended the Jing family banquet.

Did the Jing family get on board the Mu family’s boat?

He truly was starting to get old. Even he wasn’t well-informed regarding this piece of news.

By the next day after the party, everyone was already informed that the President of the Mu Group, Mu Mingcheng, had a beautiful girlfriend surnamed Gu.


“Little Jin!”

While Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng were getting back at each other, Gu Jin suddenly heard a familiar voice. She turned around and saw Cheng Xin standing behind her in a pink dress.

Truthfully, Cheng Xin’s appearance as this novel’s princess wasn’t bad at all. Her brows were delicately shaped and her body was full and curvaceous, like a peach blossom tree with beautiful branches, enrapturing and vivid.

“Why didn’t you inform me when you arrived?” Cheng Xin pouted in complaint as she approached.

The highlight of this banquet wasn’t her. She also didn’t want to see her beloved man dancing with other women, even if it was his adopted sister.

Her woman’s intuition tells her that Jing Ruo had ulterior motives for Jing Hao, but Jing Hao didn’t believe it was so when she told him.

It was Cheng Xin’s initiative to chase after Jing Hao from the beginning. Even if the two of them had established their relationship, she dared not lose her temper in front of Jing Hao as long as their relations were not yet made public.

That was why she simply found a place to wait for Gu Jin’s call. She felt so depressed and yet there was nobody else whom she could open up to except for her sister who had stayed with her since childhood.


When the banquet started, Gu Jin still hadn’t shown up and Cheng Xin was losing her patience. Soon enough, she spotted her cousin who stood out brilliantly within the crowd.

And the man beside her had an outstanding presence.

Cheng Xin recalled that Gu Jin had made a new boyfriend. She later contacted Shao Chong about it, but every time she called, the other side hung up quickly before she could even say two words. Cheng Xin felt upset about it for a long time.

Cheng Xin walked over with curiosity, but she was shocked after seeing the face of the man beside Gu Jin.

It’s him!

It was the man who saved her!

She covered her mouth, unable to utter a word. She shook her head in disbelief as tears welled up in her eyes.

Five years, she has been looking for him for nearly five years, but the Cheng family’s influence didn’t extend in the army.

She didn’t have his contact information or any of his photos, so she learned to draw. Then, based on her memory of him, she painted his image bit by bit. Paintings of him were displayed all over her studio.


Over the past five years, she has dreamed countless times about the scene at the bar that day, causing her to awaken. When she sees his painting hanging on her wall, she would once again be able to fall asleep.

“You, do you remember me?”

Gu Jin watched as Cheng Xin approached step by step, walking past her as she asked the man in a trembling voice.
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