Chapter 58 – Do You Remember?

… … …

“Do you remember me?”

Cheng Xin looked at the tall and handsome man before her. Although his clothing and temperament had changed dramatically, she could still recognize him at a glance as the man who once saved her.

She looked at him expectantly, hoping he would reply that he also recalled her from the past.

Mu Mingcheng cast a sideways glance at his girlfriend who held a glassful of red wine. She appeared as elegant, quiet, and intelligent as ever. Gu Jin didn’t seemed surprised that the newcomer had asked him this question; in fact, she even seemed to find this drama a little funny.

The twinkling in her eyes betrayed her calm demeanor; she was clearly excited to see how this conversation will flow.

Mu Mingcheng pushed up his golden glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled apologetically: “I’m sorry lady, but I’ve never seen you before.”

“How is that possible?” Cheng Xin’s smile along with her expectations were shattered in an instant. She stared blankly at the man and quickly reminded him: “You saved a young girl at a bar five years ago!”

“I’m sorry, but you must have mistaken me for someone else,” Mu Mingcheng explained in a helpless tone. His stared back at Cheng Xin’s hopeful gaze with eyes as cold as a wintry night. He further explained to her, “I was still studying abroad seven years ago and returned home three years ago. Most people in the capital know of this, so the man you’re speaking of really isn’t me.”

“That can’t be, I remember exactly how you looked like. To me, you’re still special—”

“Miss,” Mu Mingcheng interrupted her sentence with a serious tone of voice. “It’s impolite to tell the wrong person that you recognize them. It’s even more rude to recognize the wrong person and tell them that they’re wrong.”

In fact, he wanted to reprimand her, saying that her family didn’t teach her any manners, but he took into account that this strange woman was blood related to his girlfriend, so he withheld these words.

Mu Mingcheng entered the military academy at the age of eighteen and began to perform his duties at the age of twenty. To the outside world, both the Mu and Xu families announced to the public that he had gone abroad to study.

Even if he had disappeared for three years, no one knew about his experience during that time except for a few members of the Mu and Xu households.

The small-brained Cheng Xin who couldn’t take a hint, blurted out a sensitive piece of news and touched his bottom line.


Mu Mingcheng was fuming, but he could only hold in his anger.

He remembered from the data he received that the Chengs were a second-rate family in the Imperial capital. Before then, he had never heard of their names.

Perhaps his own social position was too high for him to recognize someone below.

The Mu family was not only one of the top ranking families in Z-country; they were also at the top of the first class within the Imperial capital, which was leagues away from the Cheng family’s standing.

Disaster can happen from a misspoken word; the Chengs should take responsibility for failing to teach their daughter etiquette. At any rate, fighting with this second-rate family is a piece of cake for him.

Yes, Mu Mingcheng indeed recognized Cheng Xin just now, but instead of recalling her as someone he had saved out of kindness, he only recognized her because he read her information from Gu Jin’s file that he had investigated.

It seems that this girl was Gu Jin’s cousin and girl friend? And not just that, the relationship between them seemed pretty good?

Cheng Xin also paired the man who liked her, Shao Chong, with her girlfriend and cousin, Gu Jin.

Gu Jin even agreed to that relationship; she clearly had no vision for choosing him!
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