Chapter 59 – Joining the Drama

Mu Mingcheng was unhappy as he thought of this. He comforted himself, by reasoning that any man would be upset to know that his girlfriend liked someone unworthy in the past.

However, information gathered isn’t always accurate.

He hasn’t known Gu Jin for that long, and the time he spent with her hasn’t even exceeded more than 24 hours.

And yet in that short amount of time, he was sure that Gu Jin was kind of person who would never be girlfriends with a mentally handicapped woman, let alone a man who’s in love with someone else.

She seemed to look at everything in this world with a hint of criticism, and her sensibility and sobriety was at a terrifying level.

At this time, some people from the crowd noticed the situation on this side and started pointing at Cheng Xin. They gossiped, saying that this girl had no shame. Why hasn’t her family’s tutor taught her not to impolitely recognize the wrong person in public?

People in this business circle followed certain rules, but they were also careful not to break any taboos. As for ordinary people, they needed to be even more careful. But at this time, Mu Mingcheng, who was acknowledged by high society, had pointed out Cheng Xin’s rude manners. In everyone’s eyes, she was someone who wasn’t taught properly.

When Cheng Xin heard his scolding words, her face turned from green, to pale, to red.

She wasn’t lying at all, so why did this big brother say he didn’t recognize her?

Cheng Xin bit her lip angrily.

But she hadn’t thought about the issue too deeply. Five years ago, she was only around fifteen or sixteen years old and had yet to mature.

When women turn eighteen and reach adulthood, many physical changes take place. Sometimes it’s to the point where a person who looks at her younger pictures may not be able to recognize herself.

What’s more, if Mu Mingcheng was actually in the army in secret at that time and she keeps insisting loudly, wouldn’t his identity be exposed?

Cheng Xin finally recovered from her excitement and noticed the crowd’s mocking gazes all around her.


She clearly lost herself earlier when she saw her male god. If there was a hole right in front of her, she wouldn’t hesitate to hide in it out of embarrassment.

Since Jing Hao had yet to arrive, she remembered her sister, Gu Jin, who could help hide her from everyone’s mocking stares.

Cheng Xin turned to pull her cousin’s arm, but before she could, the man who scolded her just now bypassed her and quickly took the goblet from Gu Jin’s hand. Like a knight guarding his princess, Mu Mingcheng gently whispered, “You’re not in good health these days, so you shouldn’t be drinking wine.”

Cheng Xin was stunned speechless.

Gu Jin had been watching a good play, but now the trouble came to her. She mentally rolled her eyes, but since being playing in a drama was a fun way to pass the time, she decided to perform her part.

Besides, Gu Jin obviously just held the glassful of red wine and had only lightly dipped her lips in it. Since when did she drink?

Also, although her period had already ended yesterday, she still couldn’t eat or drink anything she wanted during this event.

Thinking back, she did agree to a trial relationship, although it was more appropriate to call it a cooperative relationship. For this black hearted man, she decided to join in with his performance as part of their cooperation.

Gu Jin, who had a light blush on her cheeks, obediently handed him the cup


The bright red wine, a glittering and translucent goblet, contrasted with the slender jade hand underneath the light had painted an image of a stunning irresistible beauty in Mu Mingcheng’s mind.
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