Chapter 60: Dreams and Reality

After Mu Mingcheng placed the wineglass down, he wondered how long he had been holding on to it when he was caught up in Gu Jin’s beauty.

At this time, a voice interrupted the ambiguous atmosphere between the two.

“Little Jin, is he your boyfriend?” Cheng Xin body trembled when she witnessed the chemistry between the couple; she felt as if she was struck with a heavy blow. Her face turned pale, and no longer matched the lively pink dress she wore.

She recalled that a few days ago in the afternoon, Gu Jin arrived at home holding a man’s coat. Cheng Xin saw the silhouette of the man who sent her home from a distance. When she questioned Gu Jin who the man was, her cousin asked if she recognized him.

At that time, did Cheng Xin recognize him as the benefactor who had saved her from the flames?

No, she didn’t.

Gu Jin only knew that Cheng Xin had a benefactor, but she had never met him in the past.

Cheng Xin regarded the encounter that day as a precious memory that only belonged to her and that man. The painted portraits she made of him were also kept as a treasure–works of art that have never been seen by others.

Not even her closest cousin has laid eyes on them.

How did Gu Jin come to know him?

The puzzled Cheng Xin suddenly realized that she had not spoken with Gu Jin for a while now.

She regretted not asking her who the man was that day…

But what’s the use of asking her to clarify?

At that time, Mu Mingcheng and Gu Jin had already started their relationship, and Cheng Xin’s current lover was Jing Hao!


Cheng Xin’s heart was in turmoil because of the contrast between her teenage dreams and reality after she had matured.

“Mm-hmm,” Gu Jin nodded. She looked sideways at Cheng Xin and said with a shallow smile, “Let me officially introduce him to you. He is Mr. Mu, my new boyfriend.”

“Although he is tall, handsome, and rich, he is actually as elegant as a sliced cold chicken. There is absolutely no resemblance to a brave hero who can rescue you.”

Then she looked up at Mu Mingcheng, and said with neither a blush or a frantically beating heart, “This beautiful lady is my cousin, Cheng Xin.”

Mu Mingcheng frowned, as if he didn’t want to acknowledge Cheng Xin at all.

But, why did she call him a sliced cold chicken?

A dangerous light glinted underneath his gold-rimmed glasses. Should he let her know what it truly means to be a ‘sliced cold chicken?’

Mu Mingcheng stood beside Gu Jin very intimately. He held her graceful waist in a protective manner, as if it were the most natural thing.

After hearing from Gu Jin that they were cousins, the man finally eased his expression and nodded to Cheng Xin.


Upon seeing his reaction, Cheng Xin’s mouth hung speechless. Even a fool can see that the couple’s gestures were quite intimate.

For the first time, Cheng Xin paid serious attention to Gu Jin’s smile. Her cousin clearly had the same appearance, but it left her with a strange feeling.

Gu Jin used to smile and laugh in the past, but it was nothing like her smile now; her uplifted eyes and brows reveal a woman who has style and confidence.
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