Chapter 61 – Changed

Gu Jin didn’t use her mobile phone much before like she does now. And although she plays with her phone nowadays, she never replies to Cheng Xin’s messages as of late.

The original Gu Jin liked a simple style; even if she attended a banquet, she would never wear makeup.

However, today Gu Jin wore delicate makeup and a gorgeous wine-red fishtail dress, which matched the color of a tie that belonged to the man Cheng Xin once admired.

The two of them stood together, beautiful, dazzling, a natural pairing.

Cheng Xin felt that she didn’t know this Gu Jin at all.

“Little Jin, you have changed,” she murmured.

When did that start? Cheng Xin thought about it. It seemed to have started when they went to dinner with Shao Chong that day.

She cried in Shao Chong’s arms because she had quarreled with Jing Hao. At that time, Gu Jin had said she wanted to break up with Shao Chong. She said that they would be better off as friends instead of lovers. At that time, Cheng Xin did not care much for Gu Jin’s attitude.

Upon reflection, that’s when the differences began.

Gu Jin looked at her calmly. “Yes, I changed.”

An impulsed surged. Gu Jin drew up her lips and smiled charmingly. “Do you know why I changed?”

“Because of you,” she said softly as she took a step forward. “When you introduced Shao Chong to me, did you ever think of me as your dear friend? When you were intimate with him, did you ever think of me as your sister? When you cried in his arms and wept bitterly, did you ever think of our childhood friendship?”

“No, I didn’t want anything to do with him. We were just friends.” Cheng Xin was silent. She shook her head and stepped back.

She doesn’t believe herself to be someone unclear and half-hearted as Gu Jin described.


But when she thought about it, she indeed did these things.

What would she do if she found another woman crying in Jing Hao’s arms?

Cheng Xin was stunned when that thought crossed her mind!

“Friends? Don’t you know the boundaries between male and female friends?”

Gu Jin thought that this time, she must really look like a vicious female character who is forcing the protagonist to a corner.

The original Gu Jin was actually the epitome of the protagonist’s friend who was described in only a few sheets of paper. Compared to the current Gu Jin, this character was described positively and she was wholeheartedly willing to support the love route selected for the female and male protagonist.

Even if the book had a good ending, reality was like trying to warm oneself by drinking cold water.

The current Gu Jin admits she never liked Cheng Xin ever since she crossed into the novel’s world. Apart from this character’s self-righteous personality, this cousin was also the female protagonist and most favored woman in the novel.

After Gu Jin received the memory of her previous host, she no longer liked Cheng Xin.


That was why she held a distant attitude towards the ambiguous relationship between Cheng Xin and Shao Chong, in order to slowly break away from their friendship.

But they never paid attention to her wishes at all and kept disturbing her life.

In that case, it’s best to end things here.

Gu Jin felt refreshed when she finally spoke her mind.

It must be because the original host’s anger was finally vented.

Gu Jin raised her chin and stared at her indifferently. She quietly waited to hear what shocking words Cheng Xin had to say.

Sure enough, Cheng Xin turned to her and said,

“I’m sorry for not getting along well with you these past days.” Reluctance flashed in Cheng Xin’s eyes, and as if to throw in her last straw of defense she said, “But I really think that you and Shao Chong are great together. You’ve always liked him, haven’t you?”
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