Chapter 62 – Ending their Friendship

Gu Jin looked at her cousin’s expectant look and laughed.

Unlike the original Gu Jin’s memory, the novel explained that after the male and female protagonists established their relationship, they maintained a good friendship with both Shao Chong and Gu Jin. The group of friends would occasionally hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

Since Cheng Xin and Jing Hao were lovers, they were always together as a couple.

The remaining two loners were left behind.

The original Gu Jin, who was restrained and introverted by nature, spent much of her time by the handsome and admirable Shao Chong. Wouldn’t it be normal for her to blush and feel shy around him?

Her reaction was soon noticed by Cheng Xin, who interpreted it as the shyness of a girl in front of her crush. Cheng Xin decided then to help her cousin out of kindness.

The original host didn’t know that the man was in love with her cousin. When Gu Jin thought of how Shao Chong took care of her whenever they went to their friend’s gatherings, she considered him as a good person and readily agreed to Cheng Xin’s proposal.

But what she didn’t know was that this would be the beginning of her life’s tragedy.

Since the novel world revolved around the male and female protagonists, it was best for ordinary people to stay as far away from them as possible.

“I never liked Shao Chong. I would never love a man who has someone else in his heart,” the present Gu Jin said solemnly.

She said these words on behalf of the original host.

Although the original Gu Jin was gentle and dignified, she also had her own pride. Had she known that Shao Chong never had her in his heart, she never would have agreed on a relationship with him, let alone propose to him.

After hearing her cousin’s words, Cheng Xin stood frozen as if struck by thunder.

Gu Jin sighed deeply. Now that she had torn Cheng Xin’s appearance, the female protagonist who valued reputation would presumably avoid her in the future.


In fact, things didn’t have to come to this point, but it is a method of ending things once and for all.

The current situation was also her intention.

Behind her, Mu Mingcheng listened quietly to the entire conversation.

The corner of his mouth lifted in amusement. He didn’t think she had this side to her.

This woman never ceases to surprise him. He had the urge to rip off her mask layer by layer and find out what’s hidden underneath her thoughts.

“Miss Cheng, as Gu Jin’s current boyfriend, I don’t want to hear others mention her ex in front of me,” Mu Mingcheng interjected with a jealous look. “Please show respect to Miss Cheng as well.”

His words caused Cheng Xin’s face to turn completely pale.

The male god she had kept in her precious memories for a long time told her that she lacked respect for others. She felt even more upset when he pointed fingers at her and scolded her. Tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down incessantly. Her pink makeup was ruined from her tears.

“Xin Xin, why are you crying?” After presenting a toast, Jing Hao came to this side where a crowd seemed to be gathered.


As he neared, he saw his beloved at a glance, standing in the midst of the crowd in tears.

Jing Hao frowned and walked over to her side. In his heart, he complained: ‘Which foolish woman dared to bully her within my Jing family’s territory?’
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