Chapter 63 – Hero Saves the Beauty 1

Chapter 63 – Hero Saves the Beauty (1)

Once Cheng Xin heard Jing Hao’s voice, she felt as if she had found a pillar of support. She looked for his figure and cried out to him, “Hao!”

Big tear drops dripped down from her doe eyes.

In an instant, Jing Hao’s cold heart felt as if pricked by a needle.

He had never seen Cheng Xin weep so bitterly, like a helpless abandoned beast.

He knew Cheng Xin as a simple and lively girl, as warm as a little sun. In the year that they’ve known each other, they would occasionally quarrel for various reasons.

Recently, Jing Hao had deliberately given her the cold shoulder these past two days. At times, Cheng Xin would bow her head first, and other times, Jing Hao would admit his mistake. After every trouble, their feelings as a couple would become more profound; they regarded their quarrels as something that would deepen their feelings.

When Jing Hao met Cheng Xin, he finally tasted what love and affection truly was. She was different from all of the women he had relationships with before; she was so full of vitality and affection for him.

This was the reason why, despite getting a headache from Cheng Xin’s arrogance, pettiness, or quick temper, Jing Hao couldn’t bare to let her go.

However, there were still many stumbling blocks that they needed to overcome. Cheng Xin’s temperament was too simple, which is why Jing Hao still hadn’t disclosed their relationship to the world, or bring her home.

At this moment, he had the urge to hold her in his arms to comfort her, but he knew that couldn’t afford to do it in front of this crowd. Jing Hao could only hold his impulse.

He asked Cheng Xin what happened to her, but she simply cried without uttering a word.

Jing Hao helplessly appeased her with a few words, then turned around and saw a man and woman standing opposite from Cheng Xin.

The man had an elegant temperament, like a demon. Jing Hao had never seen this person in the business circle he associated with.

He felt slightly displeased. This banquet was held to reintroduce Jing Ruo to the imperial elites after being abroad for so many years, but not all visitors who came were invited.


But since this unwelcome guest was already in the venue, the Jing family couldn’t do anything to drive him out.

Jing Hao’s disdainful gaze turned to the woman beside the unwelcome guest.

The lady wore a long, wine-red dress and had a coldness about her beauty. Jing Hao’s eyes flashed with amazement, but it was only a momentary appreciation for the beauty of a woman.

On a closer look, he found her a little familiar. Isn’t this Cheng Xin’s younger sister, Gu Jin?

The last time Jing Hao saw her was several months ago when they went to school together. They had no contact with each other until Cheng Xin brought them both along. Upon seeing her again today, Jing Hao took a while to actually recognize her.

Her appearance hadn’t changed much, but her temperament had undergone drastic changes. From the past two meals he spent with Cheng Xin and this girl, he never found anything impressive about Gu Jin.

He only remembered her as a cousin and good friend of Cheng Xin’s who had a quiet and elegant temperament. She was the typical girl who stayed obediently at home.

Now, however, her smile was enough to attract any man’s attention.

Moreover, she was standing by a man he didn’t recognize, and the atmosphere between that couple seemed intimate.


However, Cheng Xin once told him that she succeeded in bringing Gu Jin and Shao Chong together in a relationship.

That was why he had reluctantly agreed with Cheng Xin’s occasional contact with Shao Chong.

At this thought, Jing Hao felt a slight disdain towards Gu Jin.

A woman like her who dared to pedal two boats shouldn’t associate with Cheng Xin, lest she spoil his lovely girlfriend.
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