Chapter 64: Hero Saves the Beauty 2

Chapter 64: Hero Saves the Beauty (2)

After today, Jing Hao would advise Cheng Xin to stay away from her cousin.

However, there was another important matter to ask Gu Jin.

“Gu Jin, long time no see.” Jing Hao consciously ignored the white suited man who stood beside Gu Jin, and didn’t even bother shaking his hand in introduction. He simply nodded to Gu Jin and asked her, “You tell me, who was it that bullied Cheng Xin?”

His eyes swept the crowd, but he never suspected the culprit to be Gu Jin.

While Jing Hao observed her, Gu Jin also looked back at him quietly. At close range, Jing Hao in his dark suit had a calm and attractive temperament. He indeed had the bearings of someone with power and ability.

It was no wonder he could attract a swarm of mad bees and stalkers, thus provoking Cheng Xin’s jealousy. It’s just that the way he spoke was a bit offensive.

Gu Jin pulled her hand away from Mu Mingcheng’s broad palm, then rubbed her hands. She answered casually, “I don’t know.”

Gu Jin’s indifferent attitude left Jing Hao dissatisfied. He looked down on this couple’s open flirtations. His face darkened as he asked her in a cold voice, “Don’t you accompany Cheng Xin at all times? Why wouldn’t you know?”

Gu Jin’s hands paused, then she looked up in confusion, only to see Jing Hao’s undisguised contempt. Cheng Xin hid behind him, sobbing without a word.

Now that she was dealing with the short brain circuits of the hero and the beauty, Gu Jin suddenly felt that it wasn’t such a bad idea for Mu Mingcheng to court her.

She placed her hand back into her partner’s palm, then glanced carelessly at Jing Hao. Like a proud queen, she told him indifferently, “We’re all adults here. I’m not her nanny, nor do I have to follow her every step.”

Upon hearing her words, Cheng Xin’s sobbing stopped. She suddenly looked up at Gu Jin, but her cousin’s calm, cold eyes caused her to shrink back in embarrassment.

There seems to be an infinite gap between them.

Cheng Xin bowed her head and confronted her inner thoughts for the first time.


In her opinion, Gu Jin was someone who always achieved good grades and was often praised for her calmness.

But Gu Jin was not as beautiful as she is. Her family background wasn’t as remarkable and she lacked a charming and lovely personality.

That was why Cheng Xin always felt a sense of superiority in front of Cheng Xin.

This sense of superiority allowed her to feel at ease and to enjoy Gu Jin’s constant kindness towards her. She also sent her cousin what she believed were good rewards from time to time.

Cheng Xin regarded Gu Jin as her own accessory and had never considered her cousin’s wishes.

What’s ironic is that although she never revealed her inner thoughts, and had even fooled herself, her cousin Gu Jin had understood her intentions perfectly!

Now that their sisterhood had been broken, their relationship could never be repaired.

“Jing Hao.” Cheng Xin once again raised her head, then pulled Jing Hao’s suit and whispered, “I’m alright. Nobody bullied me.”

Then she looked up at the man who stood beside Gu Jin with a trace of nostalgia, as if she had lost someone important. The sight of the man intimately holding Gu Jin’s hand caused Cheng Xin’s heart to sink.


Jing Hao failed to notice his companion’s sense of loss. He gently patted Cheng Xin’s hand and comforted her, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that whoever dares to bully you will face the consequences.”

Before Cheng Xin could explain to him, Jing Hao interrupted her and called out, “Gu Jin!” He scolded in a chilling voice, “How can you not do your part as a good friend of Cheng Xin’s? Don’t you see that she’s just been bullied?”
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