Chapter 65: Her Own Life

Gu Jin remained quiet for a moment. What did he mean by Cheng Xin being bullied?

Her gentle expressing gradually faded. She raised her chin and proudly looked at Jing Hao, “Oh? Then what do you want me to do? Act as her mother? Stand up for her? Make sure she never gets made fun of?”

She wasn’t a robot; Gu Jin has her own life. Does being the female protagonist’s friend require her to prioritize the protagonist’s needs in everything?

Even the villainess character in the novel has her own will and is able to make decisions for herself. Although that woman’s ending is tragic after committing various sins, at least she was able to live according to her choice.

Then what about the identity of the female protagonist’s friend?

When the female lead is in danger, she will have to step forward and take risks. When the protagonist is in danger, she will have to wipe her a** and be grateful that she has the privilege of doing so.

But even when the original Gu Jin did these things for Cheng Xin, she was still rewarded with a tragic end.

So there was no career worse than being the female protagonist’s girlfriend.

The air around them was as prickly as daggers, and Jing Hao’s expression turned cold as an iceberg.

More and more people gathered to watch the drama. One of the onlookers who recognized Mu Mingcheng whispered to those around him.

Jing Hao was shocked when he heard the man’s name from this onlooker’s whispers.

The name ‘Mu Mingcheng’ was familiar to him.

In these past two years, he had often heard gossips of this elite. Previously, the Jing family and the Mu family had no ties nor friendship, and did not have the chance to meet.


And that deceitful man who always did things in the shadows turned out to be Mu Mingcheng!

Perhaps one reason why Jing Hao didn’t have a good first impression on this man was because they were rivals in the business field.

At this time, Elder Jing also came over.

He waved from afar and called out, “Mr. Mu, you didn’t inform us when you arrived at Jing Ruo’s banquet.”

Mu Mingcheng, who always enjoyed wearing a deceitful mask, raised his lips and respectfully replied, “I came here uninvited, it was impolite of me.”

Two men from different generations shook hands.

“Mr. Mu, you don’t need an invitation to join any gathering, it’s an honor to have you here,” Elder Jing said in a friendly manner.

“I came here with my girlfriend,” Mu Mingcheng said as he naturally turned to face Gu Jin. “Unfortunately, the Jing family doesn’t welcome us very much, so we’ll be leaving first.”

“Mr. Mu Mingcheng, the Jing family welcomes you anytime.” As he spoke, the elder’s eyes were pointed at Jing Hao with a reprimanding glare. He never imagined that his ever-steady grandson would do something as crazy as offending this man.


But when he saw the forlorn young lady hiding behind his grandson, Elder Jing could see why he did so.

Jing Hao was great in every aspect, but there were no perfect people in the world. This grandson was obviously swayed by women.

But this time, for the sake of a woman, he provoked a big shot that the Jing family couldn’t afford to offend. The Mu and Xu families who stood behind Mu Mingcheng made him an existence that could shake the Z country three times.

As Elder Jing thought of these things, his gaze bore solemnly on Cheng Xin. When he had feared that his grandson had finally closed his heart to romance, Jing Hao actually approached him a few days ago, saying he had a girl to introduce to him.

But now, it seems that this prospective wife of the Jing family is a dirty woman who would incite his grandson to offend Mu Mingcheng. It would have been better if Jing Hao wasn’t serious and continued to play around.

Author’s Note: This is my personal opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t curse at me. Many women in novels live for themselves, and yet the ‘girlfriend’ has to live for the female protagonist’s sake. Not only does she have to take the knife or the gunshot on behalf of the female lead–she also has to be thankful to the protagonist for it.
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