Chapter 67: Point of No Return

At this time, Jing Hao’s expression darkened even more. His grip tightened around the wine glass, causing it to tremble slightly. It seemed as if it would shattered at any moment if he added more strength.

He barely managed to force himself to bow down and apologize to Mu Mingcheng.

But can he apologize to a woman he didn’t acknowledge?

He felt the gazes from the surrounding crowd and scoffed in his heart: If I really do it, there’s no doubt that I’ll become the joke of the entire Imperial Capital by tomorrow.

For a moment, Jing Hao showed no movement.

Elder Jing frowned, feeling that Mu Mingcheng had gone too far this time.

However, the hero came to rescue the beauty by doing a comeback on Jing Hao. Since Mingcheng claimed that this eye-catching beauty was his girlfriend, that act alone was equal to acknowledging this woman’s identity.

But earlier, Jing Hao actually said that Mu Mingcheng’s woman had to serve his girlfriend like a babysitter.

And who was Gu Jin supposed to babysit? That silly woman who cries shamefully?

Has his grandson lost his mind?

For the first time, Elder Jing felt disappointed on this grandson whom he always had high hopes for.

“Miss,” Elder Jing addressed Gu Jin, implying that she take the initiative to step down. After all, if she acts generously right now, she could leave a good impression and be able to mingle with the circle of elites. But if she rejects, she would end up with a bad reputation and make the situation worse.

But before he could open his mouth and persuade her, he was immediately interrupted.

“Little Jin,” Cheng Xin’s tearful face turned to Gu Jin. She looked as if she tried to muster great courage as she bowed her head and said, “Jing Hao said something offensive to you only because he was worried for my sake. I apologize on his behalf. I’m sorry.”


After that, she looked up and glanced at the white suited man and recalled how Fang Caijing’s father called him ‘Mu Mingcheng.’ She spoke to him and said, “I also hope that Mr. Mu would consider our sister’s feelings and forget this event.”

Afterwards, she dared not raise her head to let Mu Mingcheng see her embarrassing appearance.

But this scene touched Jing Hao who had been listening beside her. For the first time, he couldn’t maintain his cold demeanor. His lip trembled and his eyes were passionate.

His green jealousy was almost visible.

At this moment, he really wanted to imprison Cheng Xin in a small house, trap her in his bed, and use his body to force her to realize what Mu Mingcheng was truly like.

Cheng Xin was oblivious to her boyfriend’s thoughts and continued to look straight at Gu Jin, but she didn’t have the courage to have another look at the white suited man. However, that man didn’t even bother giving her a glance.

“Alright,” Gu Jin said after a period of silence. Without any grudge, she said, “I accept.”

After that, Gu Jin felt relief in her heart. This event truly marked that she and Cheng Xin were completely separated.

Even if it cost her this much.


Gu Jin had thoughts that when she gets back to the apartment, she should pack up everything she has and find another place to live. Since the magazine company was going to start this summer vacation, she would also have work to do.

Cheng Xin left this corner of the hall with a sigh.

She bit her lip, wondering how she and Gu Jin had come to this point today.

Years down the road, Cheng Xin, who had experienced the world’s tempering by then, would ask herself this: If she had not paired up Shao Chong and Gu Jin in the first place, would things have been different?
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