Chapter 68: Discharge from the Hospital

Unfortunately, there was no regret medicine in this world.

After Cheng Xin apologized, the Jing family left to give a toast to other visitors. Mu Mingcheng didn’t know what strange medicine he had taken–he actually had the sincere desire to publicize his relationship with Gu Jin.

The banquet continued on for two more hours. Gu Jin, who wasn’t accustomed to wearing stilettos, began to feel pain on her feet. She had no choice but to lean against Mu Mingcheng.

For the sake of her image, she pretended to be holding on to Mu Mingcheng’s arm, but in actuality, half her body weight was pushed against him.

Mu Mingcheng, who was helping to support Gu Jin’s posture, had politely declined other people’s toast: “Sorry but my girlfriend doesn’t like the smell of wine on me.”

Afterwards, he would look at Gu Jin, who was leaning on his arm, then smile at her apologetically. Everyone who had eyes can clearly see how this overbearing man was helpless to his own girlfriend’s clinginess. He pampered and spoiled her publicly.

Businessman A: Is this a public display of affection?

Lady B: This would make plenty of single dogs envious.

Gu Jin laughed shyly in front of these people’s reactions, as if the one being pointed out wasn’t herself.

She withstood her foot pain and straightened her posture.

However this didn’t change their perceptions.

From an outsider’s point of view, someone like Mr. Mu Mingcheng who was famous for avoiding women, now seemed to have fallen head over heels for an unknown woman.

Not only did he stay beside her, but he also seemed willing to listen to her advice. No matter whether men were married or not, they always prided their image by boasting that their wife or girlfriend didn’t dare to control them. When they joined their friends to eat and drink, how could they personally admit their fear of their wives?

Moreover, this wasn’t Mu Mingcheng’s wife. She was just a girlfriend who could be replaced at any time.


At the hospital ward, Shao Chong’s parents repeatedly confirmed with his doctor to see if he had recovered. This time, their son was finally discharged.

Shao Chong put on the clothes prepared by his subordinates and hurried to the banquet venue.

He sat at the passenger’s seat and urged the driver to go faster, while he squeezed a small box in his palm.

This box contained a jade bracelet.

It was made of rare, fine jade.

In his previous life, whenever he went out for dinner several times with Gu Jin and Cheng Xin before his marriage, he noticed that Gu Jin would often stare at the jade bracelet on her cousin’s wrist.

When the puzzled Shao Chong asked her about it, he learned that she also used to own a jade bracelet that looked exactly like the one on Cheng Xin’s wrist.

It was given to them by Mother Gu and Mother Cheng on their twentieth birthdays.

Gu Jin accidentally lost her bracelet on her junior year.


Shao Chong felt sorry for her at that time, but after giving her a few words of comfort, he no longer cared for it.

Since recalling his wife’s occasional sadness in their previous life, Shao Chong arranged for his men to purchase a jade bracelet of a similar quality.

He planned to hand her the bracelet once the banquet ends, then he would send her home.

Shao Chong never felt that time would pass by so slowly.

Once the car arrived at the venue, Shao Chong couldn’t help but fix his hair in front of the car mirror. After staying at the hospital these past two days, his appearance seemed a bit sickly, but he wanted to appear at his most perfect appearance in front of Gu Jin.
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