Chapter 69: Come back

But Shao Chong never imagined that everything he imagined would be shattered the moment he entered through the door.

When he saw her lying affectionately in another man’s arms with a mischievous smile, Shao Chong felt strange.

For a moment, he thought that this world was false.

Shao Chong walked over to Gu Jin’s side. When her indifferent eyes looked back at him, he felt as if his heart was pricked by a needle. He believed that Gu Jin was never one to betray him, so why did the course of events change so much before he came?

“Little Jin, who is he?” Shao Chong questioned with a pained expression.

“Her boyfriend,” Mu Mingcheng replied as he pulled Gu Jin to his bosom.

“Impossible,” Shao Chong said as he looked at the man in disbelief. “Are you Mu Mingcheng?”

In his previous life, Shao Chong complained to Cheng Xin about her attachment to Mu Mingcheng. He knew that the man in the white suit was the person who saved Cheng Xin in the past.

But why–, why would he become Gu Jin’s boyfriend?

“Little Jin, you lied to me!” Shao Chong was pale from shock. “We are still in a relationship within this time. Did he force you into this?”

Gu Jin thought that his words were a little strange. She clearly told Shao Chong in the past that he had gone too far and that they’ve ended things.

Gu Jin shook her head in disagreement, thus shattering his last hope. “No, I’ve already broken up with you. At present, Mr. Mu and I are in a ‘trial’ relationship. Cheng Xin knows about this.”

Cheng Xin?

“How would she know?” Shao Chong asked, “Are angry at me because of her?”


He continued on and said, “I’m sorry I ignored you before, but I promise never to go with her in the future.”

“So come back to me.” Shao Chong had an obvious pleading voice.

Gu Jin remained silent.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, Shao Chong rushed forward and said, “Look here.” He hurriedly pulled out a box with exquisite packaging and present the treasure within before Gu Jin. “I specifically found a jade bracelet for you, just like the one you lost before. Will you forgive me if I give it to you?” he asked carefully.

Gu Jin seemed unmoved by his words. She looked down at the gift thoughtfully.

Suddenly, she felt her waist being pinched and heard Mu Mingcheng say, “Mr. Shao, since you both have broken up, it’s wrong for you to entangle with your ex-girlfriend when she’s already in a new relationship.”

“I hope you live properly from now on, otherwise…” he didn’t finish his sentence, but the chilling aura emanating from his body was clearly a warning.

The banquet has come to an end and the guests were free to leave.

Gu Jin loosened her arm around Mu Mingcheng and passed by Shao Chong.


“Shao Chong,” she said as the corner of her lips raised to a smile. Gu Jin whispered in a voice that could only be heard between them, “Do you think Cheng Xin’s child that day was a boy or a girl?”

Shao Chong was suddenly overcome with surprise and his expression quickly changed. When the graceful woman left his sight, he suddenly burst out in a low laughter.

He kept on laughing, but his eyes were clearly filled with tears and pain.

It turned out that it wasn’t just him who had a rebirth.
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