Chapter 70 – Unforgivable

Gu Jin’s words were spoken in the time it took to brush shoulders.

The smile on the corner of her lips wavered like ripples in the water, silently plucking heartstrings.

To Shao Chong, Gu Jin’s superficial statement was more painful than getting hit by a mallet.

After saying her piece, Gu Jin walked away without looking back even once. She even increased her pace as she caught up with Mu Mingcheng who was ahead of her.

It seemed like she wasn’t interested in Shao Chong’s reaction at all.

This time, without needing Mu Mingcheng to coax her, Gu Jin took the initiative and slipped into his arms.

The two looked at each other lovingly and walked out of the hotel hand in hand.

This caused the other people to envy them.

After exiting the hotel, they got into a car.

The soft smile on Gu Jin’s face was restrained, and her complexion paled. The car fell into silence.

Bright neon lights flashed passed their car before disappearing into the shadows. In the same way, the light in Gu Jin’s eyes faded.

Some people believe that even after they make a mistake, they will still have the plenty of opportunities to make up for it.

Whether they truly think so or just to alleviate the pain.

That was why Shao Chong, who had a rebirth with his past memories, decided to show affection to Gu Jin by apologizing and showing his sorrow.


The damage has already been made, but the victim doesn’t need that man’s late apology or to make peace with him.

No matter if it was the vanished original host or this false Gu Jin, they both disdained Shao Chong’s actions.

Gu Jin raised her lips in ridicule.

Suddenly, Mu Mingcheng moved and grabbed the hand of the woman next to him.

Soft and flexible, it felt good.

However, it was ice cold.

“What did you say to him when you stopped earlier?” Mu Mingcheng lowered his voice indicating his displeasure.

He was seldom so intimate with her: he took off his coat and wrapped it around Gu Jin.

Anyone who knew him well would know that he wasn’t in a good mood.


It was understandable. Even though Gu Jin was only his trial girlfriend, seeing her whisper to her ex in front of him showed that she didn’t have Mu Mingcheng in her sights!

Furthermore, Gu Jin and Shao Chong were both acting strangely today.

Yes, it was unusual. When it came to Cheng Xin, it was already apparent that Gu Jin didn’t like Cheng Xin, so he had a premonition that the two of them would fall apart. That was only natural.

But Shao Chong’s behavior was incongruent. He wasn’t as infatuated with Cheng Xin like the investigation had revealed; instead he seemed to only have eyes for Gu Jin.

Otherwise, that Shao brat would not have done his best to find a blood jade bracelet that looked almost entirely like the one Gu Jin had with her.

What displeased him even more was that after Gu Jin said some words to him, Shao Chong’s face suddenly changed into both astonishment and grief. It made Mu Mingcheng who didn’t know the truth feel excluded.

Thinking this, Mu Mingcheng’s face darkened even further. It was a good thing he took out time to accompany Gu Jin to the banquet today. Otherwise, grass may have overgrown his head by now.

Mu Mingcheng held the palm of her hand and coldly smiled: no matter what kind of secrets they have between them, since Shao Chong dared to covet his woman, there would definitely be a price to pay.


Gu Jin was clueless to his thoughts. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t have cared.

At most, she would think: no wonder he’s the overbearing chairman of this novel, the lord under the skies!

Then, she would encourage him to make the Shao family pay the price sooner.

If Shao Chong was still the original Shao Chong, she could have ignored the other characters in the plot and have nothing to do with them.

But now, Shao Chong was reborn. He had caused tremendous pain to the original host and Gu Jin couldn’t convince herself to forgive him for the original host.

She also didn’t have the right to.

Even though…

He wasn’t the direct murderer.


“Nothing much,” Gu Jin lowered her eyes and gathered the jacket that was warm with body heat on her shoulders. She suddenly remembered that Mu Mingcheng had another suit jacket at her place.

“Mister Mu,” Gu Jin tugged the corner of the clothes and said, “You still have a jacket at my place. You might as well take it back when you drop me off.”

Mu Mingcheng didn’t respond. His eyebrows were knit together and said in a charitable manner, “You don’t have to call me Mister Mu.”

Gu Jin started and quizzically asked, “Then what should I call you? President Mu? Mu Shao? Mu–”

“Mingcheng.” Mu Mingcheng interrupted her guess, light flashed by his golden-rimmed glasses, “Just call me Mingcheng.”

Gu Jin shuddered, Shao Chong and the original host’s grievances all flew away with the rising goosebumps.

Mingcheng, such an intimate title, even if her face was thick, she still couldn’t say it.
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