Chapter 8: Butterfly Dreams

… … …

Jing Ruo obviously had feelings for Jing Hao, so how could he be unaware? And to think he would still leave Cheng Xin alone, causing her to lose face in front of her friends.

Shao Chong really wanted to take her into his arms to comfort her, but he was not qualified to stand in that position. He could only force himself to smile and say, “It’s my fault, I’ve neglected Little Jin because I’ve been busy. Not just that, I’ve kept you waiting for a long time, and now you’re hungry. So I’ll treat you both for dinner tonight; just enjoy yourselves and eat.”

He pushed the menu to Cheng Xin as he spoke.

He was occupied with work? Then how did he find time to call her?

Gu Jin swept her fringe to the side and the corner of her lips lifted to a smile as she silently watched them. Her blood jade bracelet formed a striking contrast to her snow white wrist.

Cheng Xin accepted his offer and politely ordered many of Shao Chong’s favorite dishes.

After a while, the dishes were placed on the table one by one.

Although the delectable dishes gave off a mouthwatering aroma, Gu Jin had no appetite at all. She and the original host were both picky with their food–they disliked anything cooked with cilantro.

However, there were only two dishes on the table that didn’t have any cilantro. Of those that accompanied her, one was her self-proclaimed girlfriend while the other claimed to be her boyfriend, and yet not one of them considered her preferences.

Perhaps they were aware, but didn’t care for it.

At this moment, her thoughts triggered numerous memories and images to rush into her mind, as if the previous host’s resentment had flooded into her every being, unable to be appeased.

Gu Jin wanted to ask them, ‘Why?’

Why did Shao Chong pursue her even those his heart only had room for Cheng Xin? Why did he choose to marry her even though he never forgot about her cousin?

After she was married to Shao Chong, why did Cheng Xin disregard the public’s eyes and continue to seek Shao Chong for help, even if it brought people’s suspicions?


Should her feelings be completely ignored just because she was a gentle, sensible person?

On that day, when the kidnappers placed a knife against her neck, Gu Jin felt utter despair!

She wrapped her hands around her belly as she carefully protected her precious child.

Since Shao Chong was fond of children, he often whispered to her ear how cute her children will be once they are born.

But what did her protection amount to?

When she was pierced with pain and blood trickled down, her husband was with another woman who was about to give birth!

A thought suddenly came to the former Gu Jin’s mind: Shao Chong would never want her child. He would only love Cheng Xin’s!

After eating just two bites, Gu Jin uncomfortably leaned against her seat. Her face was noticeably pale but the two people beside her continued to chat, unaware of her condition. She massaged her temples to try alleviate her discomfort but it was no use. Unable to stay any longer, Gu Jin excused herself to go to the restroom, then stepped out of the room.

After she washed her hands at the sink, Gu Jin stared at her reflection on the mirror. Just now, her memories of the pain from that day felt so vivid and real, almost as if she had returned back to that time and had experienced those events as the original Gu Jin herself.


Who knew if this was a case where ‘Zhuangzi dreamed of becoming a butterfly, or if the butterfly dreamed of becoming Zhuangzi.’ [note]from the story Zhuangzi and that Bloody Butterfly: According to the Chinese philosophical classic Zhuangzi, the great Daoist thinker of that name fell asleep one day and dreamed that he was a butterfly. When he woke up, he did not know whether he really was a man who had dreamed he was a butterfly or whether he was a butterfly now dreaming he was a man. [/note]

After tidying herself and staying in the restroom for a while, Gu Jin came out into the hallway appearing completely composed, as if she had never suffered any intense pain just recently.

The sound of her heels resounded through the corridor. Fresh flowers adorned the sides of the hallway. Gu Jin wore her most perfect smile before pushing the door open and entering.

After closing it carefully, she raised her head and looked around. Her smile completely disappeared.

Why is the room so dim inside?

She took two steps forward and stopped…

She could hear shallow breathing in the room, as if there was a cheetah waiting for its prey in the dark, ready to spring into action. Gu Jin’s hair swayed as she took a sharp turn and ran towards the exit.

“Ah–” She slammed into a firm chest, causing her to feel disoriented. She winced in pain and her nose felt sore.


Unable to deal with her injured nose at the moment, she hurriedly said, “Sorry…”

Before she could even finish her sentence and say ‘I walked into the wrong room,’ Gu Jin suddenly found herself unable to speak.

A man moved swiftly and fiercely upon her, and held her waist.
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