Chapter 71 – Sooner or Later

Driver Liu continued driving the car in the front. His expression didn’t change like he didn’t hear anything.

“I think it’s still better to call you Mister Mu, it’s both respectful and cordial.” Gu Jin smiled amiably as if she was thinking in his best interests.


Is he very old?

Mu Mingcheng looked at her face as if he had swallowed a mouthful of flies. His expression darkened, “Whatever you want.”

Her brain was a mess, Gu Jin glanced at her released hand and felt apprehensive.

They entered her area and Gu Jin got out of the car to get the jacket.

Mu Mingcheng also got off, casually following behind Gu Jin. The originally broad staircase seemed to turn narrow.

“What does Mister Mu want?” Gu Jin turned around, planted a large smile on her face and asked.

Shao Chong’s rebirth was completely out of Gu Jin’s expectations. Even though she said that line calmly and lightly that blew Shao Chong away, whether it was because of lingering feelings from the original host or what, she felt quite uncomfortable.

She was tired beyond limits; she really didn’t have the energy to deal with Mu Mingcheng now.

Mu Mingcheng held his suit in one hand and tucked the other in his pants pocket, his smile like a smile yet not a smile, “Babe, you’re not going to invite your boyfriend in to sit for a while?”

“Mister Mu, let’s reach an agreement here.” Gu Jin lightly brushed her loose hair to the side, exhaled, and seriously said, “You will not call me… babe in the future. Call me normally by my name Gu Jin and I will call you Mingcheng, how about it?”

Gu Jin spoke the word ‘babe’ with immense difficulty, it greatly challenged her boundaries.


Mu Mingcheng seemed to sink deep into thought, seemingly thinking about which one was more profitable, then nodded, “Alright.”

“Gu Jin.”


Gu Jin opened the door and quickly jumped in. At this moment, her feet didn’t hurt from the high heels anymore.

She quickly took the dark jacket and gave it to Mu Mingcheng. Gu Jin leaned held the door open and pointed to her face full of collagen. With a serious face, she spouted nonsense, “Mister Mu, it’s not early. I am old and don’t have the energy to stay up late, I won’t be accompanying you to drink tea.”

“Good night.”

After obediently saying her goodnight, she quickly shut the door.

The first time Mu Mingcheng was treated as some swindler: …

He pinched his nose and silently smiled.


If he really wanted to go in, he had countless methods to. At the very least, he still had his brute strength, it was entirely possible for him to force his way in before she closed the door.

But it was due to Gu Jin’s obvious fatigue that he let it go.

Besides, her secret is going to come out sooner or later.

Mu Mingcheng looked meaningfully at the small apartment for a moment before he turned around and left.

Gu Jin called her family’s phone and told them she was going to move out.

She trusted that Cheng Xin also understood their mothers’ feelings and would not publicize the news that their sisterhood was lost.

Therefore, the reasons were all prearranged: Cheng Xin had a boyfriend already and it was inconvenient for her to stay.

“Little Jin, you are just a young lady, where are you going to live on your own?”


Gu Changsheng was an open-minded person. After receiving his daughter’s call, even though he sounded worried, he didn’t directly state that she couldn’t.

After all, the two girls were both grown up now. It was also understandable that they needed space.

Besides, one of the two has a boyfriend and the other one would definitely be left out. And the one that was given the cold shoulder was his darling daughter.

“It’s okay, Dad.” Gu Jin comforted, “I have already asked someone to find me a house, the environment is very good too.”

What she said was naturally a lie. She would only start looking after the summer magazines were out. She also wanted to find a place close to her workplace so she could also sleep a little longer in the mornings.

“Look for what house? Why aren’t you coming back even though it’s vacation?” On the other end, a loud voice interjected, “Are you not willing to come back because Lingling and I are there?”

Grandma was muttering on the phone. Grandma rarely came back yet she doesn’t even come back to see her, how unfilial!

Father Gu helplessly explained to his old mother, yet she refused to budge.


Gu Jin kneaded her brows and was rendered speechless. ‘Do you really have not the slightest clue as to why I don’t want to return home?’

Author’s Afterword:

“Gu Jin.”

“Mu Mingcheng.”
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