Chapter 72: Moving Ou


After consulting with her family, Gu Jin also called the Cheng family’s Li Mingyi to inform her that she would be moving out.

Li Mingyi naturally refused. She only had this one daughter Cheng Xin. Over the years, her love for her niece was no less than for her daughter.

Gu Jin long expected this.

She made up some excuse and said that she wanted to stay at school to focus on her studies.

Learning was a honorable thing. Li Mingyi inquired for a bit and didn’t obstruct her any longer.

The next few days, Gu Jin moved her stuff to her school.

There weren’t many things in her apartment, so there wasn’t a lot that she needed to bring.

Gu Jin simply packed a few clothes and a few books annotated by the original host.

One taxi was enough for the two suitcases.

The dormitories at the Imperial University of China had different sizes of units for two people, four people, and six people. The different types of units also cost a different amount of money.

The original host didn’t lack money. She owned a room for two but rarely stayed there.

Gu Jin left the things she didn’t need as much in her dormitory such as the textbooks that she no longer used. Occasionally, when she was too busy to return to her apartment, she would also stay at the dorm to rest.

The dorm conditions were good and her roommate’s personality was also okay. After Gu Jin moved in, she felt more comfortable than when she lived at her apartment.

“Gu Jin, do you need me to bring back some food for you?” Shang Siyu applied a thick layer of sunscreen on her baby face and added a hat. She was going out to eat with her boyfriend. The sun outside was fierce, and she couldn’t let it tan her little flower-like face.


Gu Jin lifted her head from the computer and saw that her lovely roommate was ready to leave. She stood a few steps away but her eyes were controlled well, she didn’t let them stray to the computer screen.

“Thank you, no need.” Gu Jin smiled and waved, “I am going to the library later and might as well eat then. You go eat first.”

“Alright, then I’m leaving now.” Shang Siyu nodded her head and didn’t insist.

These few years, she mostly lived in the dorm room alone. Even though Gu Jin came by a few times, they were not in the same field so they didn’t have many chances to meet.

Gu Jin and her weren’t very close and being overly familiar could make others feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, it was necessary to maintain some distance.

Gu Jin gave a sigh of relief. As a person who cared much about her private space, Gu Jin liked Shang Shiyu’s attitude. She felt relaxed staying in this school.

After the room closed, Gu Jin once again searched up information on the computer.

She decided to write a short, ancient-time themed story as a manuscript to submit next week.

Since she was the one to accept it, she naturally needed to put forth a responsible amount of effort.


The article was short but refined in language. Gu Jin was currently deep in thought planning out the story when her cellphone suddenly rang.

After looking at the caller ID, Gu Jin pressed the receive button, “Tong Lin, do you need something?”

On the other end, Tong Lin’s gentle and warm voice sounded over, “Gu Jin, didn’t you say that you were going to invite someone to eat today?”

Invite someone to eat?

Gu Jin started for a moment and smacked her head. She almost forgot about this!

There was laughter on the other end and he teased, “What, did you go back on it?”

“No,” Gu Jin rubbed her temple and looked at the time. It wasn’t 11 yet, there was still time.
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