Chapter 74 – Two Timing?

However, creating a magazine didn’t cost much?

How could that be?

From paying the authors to printing the books, that was not a small figure. Even if they had enough to carry them through the first round, if there weren’t enough funds, it was hard to continue in the long run.

Gu Jin narrowed her eyes. Hearing his light and easy tone, it looks like this boy’s family is well off.

“To attract authors, the rewards must be good.” Gu Jin said.

“You are right,” Tong Lin nodded.

Afterwards, the two spoke about the benefits of submitting.

While they were talking, the food arrived.

“We’re here to eat today, how come we started talking about the magazine?” Gu Jin coughed and asked, “It’s all my fault for asking too many questions.”

“It’s fine,” Tong Lin laughed and stopped the topic. He understandingly said, “You are one of the founders, let’s talk about the specifics next time we meet. We can’t let your feelings go to waste.”

Feelings? Don’t get me wrong, there truly are no feelings.

Fang Yuan was meeting the woman his family arranged for him. It was said that this woman had just graduated graduate school and stayed at her university as a professor.

Being professors was a tough job and Fang Yuan also respected the teaching profession.

But he felt that he was still young and the 20 or so Young Master Fang was not only uninterested in the professor woman, but also distant from all women that prevented him from soaring into the clouds.


Especially this female professor across from him. Her long hair was down; she was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a professional suit. It gave him the feeling that he was facing the primary school director.

“Mr. Fang,” the female professor gracefully wiped her mouth with a napkin, faced him and said, “I feel like our hobbies are quite similar. We can listen to the opinions of our family and give it a try.”

The bored Fang Yuan who was just waiting to eat and then say bye bye also took a napkin. Just when he was about to wipe his mouth, he suddenly stopped.

He didn’t say anything. He merely stared deeply… behind the woman.

The female professor was also taken aback by his burning eyes and slightly blushed. She shyly lowered her head and asked, “Mr. Fang, are you also willing?”

Fang Yuan stood up and leaned forward.

He wasn’t going blind, right? Otherwise, how could he see Mu Mingcheng’s girlfriend eating out with another man?

And they seemed to be getting along quite well, they had affinity with each other!

Did grass sprout on Mu Mingcheng’s head? God! Did he know about this?


Fang Yuan was so shocked his mouth was open. He was wondering if he should tattle on them at the risk of getting himself silenced.

“Mr. Fang, don’t lean in so close.” the female professor frowned and leaned back, “We haven’t agreed on our relationship yet, you can’t…

“Ah, Mr. Fang, where are you going?”

“Shh, quiet.” Fang Yuan turned around, “Sorry, I don’t think we are suitable at all. Let’s forget about it.”

They were separated by a few tables and each table also had a glass separating them, so the female professor’s voice didn’t attract Gu Jin’s attention.

Fang Yuan hid behind the plants beside the glass, took out his phone and took a few pictures before sending them to Mu Mingcheng.

“Mu Ge, a pretty boy’s trying to dig a corner of your wall.”

Mu Mingcheng, who was so busy with work and had not even eaten lunch, heard his private phone buzz twice. He picked it up and took a look.


On Fang Yuan’s picture, Gu Jin was currently eating happily with some unknown man.

Mu Mingcheng felt like his empty stomach was a little pitiful.

Author’s Afterword:

Stomach hurts?

Brother, are you sure it isn’t your liver that hurts?
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