Chapter 75: Green Ha


Putting down the work in his hands, Mu Mingcheng narrowed his eyes and enlarged the picture.

The woman in the picture smiled happily. He didn’t expect that she would smile much more beautifully in front of others than in front of him.

These days, there were many things to be done in the company so Mu Mingcheng basically ate and slept in his office. Of course there wasn’t any time for him to contact Gu Jin.

So, in this short time that they haven’t met up before their appointed date, she already found her next boyfriend?

Mu Mingcheng clenched his hands. He suddenly put down his cell and used the internal company line to call for his assistant.

Assistant Fang had been working endlessly and barely had any sleep ever since he started working for Mu Mingcheng.

After finishing his lunch, he lay on the table and fell asleep. Upon receiving his boss’ call, Assistant Fang rubbed his eyes, got up, and made his way to his employer’s office.

“Mr. Mu?”

Assistant Fang stood in front of the desk. The boss didn’t say a word, and the room was uncomfortably quiet. The assistant stood foolishly on his spot, not knowing what to do or what to expect.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that something was off. The boss had always been neat and clear; he had never dragged on for so long in the past. If Mr. Mu asked him to come for something work related, he would’ve already given him orders.

How could it be like now? Saying nothing while staring at a phone, his face as black as the bottom of a pan. It made him stand on edge too.

“Is there something you need me to do?” Assistant Fang carefully asked.

Mu Mingcheng lifted his line of sight from the phone and coldly looked at him, “Go order me a takeout. Make sure you add some extra cilantro in there.”

“Yes.” Assistant Fang quickly retreated, slightly confused.


The boss told him to come to order some takeout for him? This is obviously abusing his authority!

However, the boss had a hold over him, so the assistant obediently ordered some takeout for the fussy Mu Mingcheng.

He was slightly aware of Mu Mingcheng’s preferences and didn’t choose anything with carrots, celery or the like.

After ordering, he added a special request: add more cilantro.

When his assistant went out, Mu Mingcheng dialed a number.

After Fang Yuan sent the picture over, he saw that Mu Mingcheng didn’t return anything for a long time.

He wondered, ‘Could it be that Brother Mu is busy right now and doesn’t have time to look at his phone?’

Otherwise, just looking at the green hat that was covering his whole head by now, any man wouldn’t be able to take it, not to mention Mu Mingcheng.

Sneakily hiding behind the potted plants for a while, he couldn’t hear the two’s conversation but saw that the atmosphere between the two was good. They were both smiling warmly at each other.


Sitting together, the two looked like a pair of shy, college lovebirds, giving Fang Yuan a ridiculous notion that they suited each other.


He deserves to get hit. This thought was just too horrifying.

Brother Mu’s woman, other than with Brother Mu, who could possibly compete?

After a few seconds strangling with the decision, Fang Yuan carried a heroistic ‘if I don’t go first, who will?’ and boldly walked towards their table.

There’s no choice. He can’t just sit and watch someone he knows wear a green hat.

Before leaving, he completely shut down the female professor that wanted to further their relationship and ate lunch with him, “We are really not suitable. Staying with me is not beneficial for you.”

Fang Yuan stated his true thoughts. He was born with a baby face. Younger-looking women who stood next to him looked like a sister while older-looking women were aunts.


“Huh, sister-in-law?” After sending the female professor off, pretending he was going to the restroom, Fang Yuan walked to the corridor and inadvertently turned his head and recognized Gu Jin. “What a coincidence, you’re also here to eat?”

Gu Jin was just discussing some things related to the Ming Dynasty with Tong Lin. Hearing someone call her ‘sister-in-law,’ she raised her head in confusion. The baby-faced person that came seemed a little familiar. Gu Jin turned her head around once before remembering, “You are Mr. Fang of Yuqing Pavilion?”
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