Chapter 76: He Is?

“Correct, you still remember me?” Fang Yuan sat down like an old friend and gave Tong Lin a glance. He laughed harmlessly, “And he is?”

Tong Lin frowned slightly and moved to the side, leaving a portion of the seat for Fang Yuan. With a gentle smile, he took the initiative and introduced himself, “Hello, Mr. Fang, I am Tong Lin.”

He was unhappy. Even though this man had a baby face, his tone was like that of a wily old man. Seeing his dress and demeanor, he must have a high social status. Why would someone like that call Gu Jin ‘sister-in-law’?

“Hello, I am Fang Yuan. I’m a good friend of Gu sister-in-law’s boyfriend.” Fang Yuan extended his hand and the two politely shook hands.

Tong Lin blinked and retracted his hand without batting an eye. He lifted an eyebrow, “I didn’t expect you to have a boyfriend. How come I never heard you mention it before?”

He faced Gu Jin, his expression the same as usual, and his tone was casual as if he was commenting on the weather.

“Uh,” Gu JIn didn’t expect a Fang Yuan to show up halfway and even reveal that she had a boyfriend. What a roadblock.

If Fang Yuan knew about it, then that’s fine. But now, the list of people who were aware of her relationship now included Tong Lin. Gu Jin felt slightly uncomfortable. Especially when she saw Tong Lin’s face dim; it made her feel like a thief who stole something from someone.

Mu Mingcheng and her didn’t openly reveal their relationship, even less so in front of Tong Lin.

“Brother, this you don’t know,” Fang Yuan looked at the current situation and moved, patting Tong Lin’s shoulders, “Some women have thin faces, how could they openly reveal the fact that they found a boyfriend?”

Gu Jin’s mouth twitched, revealing a large smile as she played along.

“Sister-in-law, what are you here for?” Fang Yuan looked at her and asked. With that kind of baby face, it was hard to discern his age.

Gu Jin raised an eyebrow and replied, “Mr. Fang seems very interested?”

“Hehe, just a little.” Fang Yuan nodded. He should ask some more so he has something he can report to Mu Mingcheng later.


“We were discussing a business venture,” Tong Lin glanced at him, “Do you want to continue listening?”

“Business venture?” Fang Yuan’s attention was caught and he sat up straight, “Sister-in-law, what kind of business venture are you making? Tell me about it, maybe I can offer a few suggestions.”

He had created many businesses before. Even though many failed, he still had the experience.

Besides, that brat Tong Lin really doesn’t know how to deceive. He actually lied and said they were starting a business after being caught on a date with someone else’s girlfriend.

Isn’t that just lighting his own hair on fire?

Gu Jin and Tong Lin exchanged a look. Seeing that he didn’t mind, she gave a simplified version to Fang Yuan.

“It seems quite interesting,” Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and joked, “Brother Tong, why don’t you add me in? I haven’t been in a magazine before.”

Tong Lin furrowed his brows and sunk into thought. Just when Gu Jin thought he was going to reject, he smiled, “I am honored to have Mr. Fang join this little magazine company.”

Fang Yuan heard this reply and felt apprehensive. Could they really have only been discussing work and were not out on a date?


He assessed the two again and only felt a straightforward atmosphere between the two, not a suspicious romantic relation.

After conversing a bit more and the earlier conversation, Fang Yuan found that Tong Lin had talent and a noble character. He couldn’t help but admire him slightly.

However, if he wasn’t wrong, Tong Lin seemed to be hiding something deep in his eyes. They were both men so he was clear.

While they were chatting, Gu Jin’s phone rang.


Gu Jin didn’t think much about it. Since they agreed on it, she would stick to it and call him Mingcheng.

Who knew that once this address came out, the people that heard it all had drastically different reactions.

On the other end of the line, the assistant lifted the phone and secretly sneaked a glance at the boss’ expression. Hehe, unable to be described in words.


Mu Mingcheng heard Gu Jin call his name, and his ears felt slightly numb. The stomach full of anger was like it was thrown into Antarctica and instantly stopped smoking.

Tong Lin’s face darkened. That man was called Mingcheng? It seemed like their relationship was quite good.
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