Chapter 77: Cilantro

In the middle of his thoughts, Gu Jin finished the call and smiled at him.

It’s over, it’s over! Fang Yuan’s back broke out in goosebumps, avoiding her gaze.

Sister-in-law’s carefree smile… If it wasn’t as good as Brother Mu’s, it was at least 7 out of 10 points.

It looks like the little white rabbit her he saw last time was all just an act.

He must say, with Mu Mingcheng’s eyes, how could he possibly like nothing but a pretty face?

“Sorry,” Gu Jin put her phone into her bag and arranged her hair, “I think I may have to leave first.”

“It’s fine,” Tong Lin also stood up and looked at her face, “Does your boyfriend need you for something?”

“Yeah, the assistant just called to tell me that he was too busy to eat and his stomach is bad now.” Gu Jin shook her head, “I need to go take a look at him.”

No matter what the truth was, on the surface, if her boyfriend was feeling sick, it was only natural for her to go check on him.

Although, even though the meal was over and they were going to part ways soon, it was still impolite to leave first.

“Your boyfriend’s health is important,” Tong Lin swept his gaze over Fang Yuan. He smiled and said, “We have lots of time and opportunities to discuss the magazine.”

Fang Yuan, who was regarded as part of the background, screamed inwardly, ‘Brother, you still haven’t given up?!’

When Gu Jin called a taxi at the bottom, it just happened to be at the busiest time of day

She lifted her head and looked up. Under the glare of the sun, the entire grand, black building belonged to the Mu Company.


She walked in the door and a burst of cool air greeted her.

“Hello, I am looking for Mu Mingcheng.” She smiled and said.

The young lady at the front desk had high professionalism and didn’t say anything like their counterparts in TV shows. She always revealed a professional smile, “Miss, do you have an appointment?”

With this question, Gu Jin suddenly remembered that seeing Mu Mingcheng needed an appointment. The smile on her face froze.

She apologized to the front desk and took out her phone to call Mu Mingcheng. At this time, Assistant Fang came down and hurriedly ran over, “Miss Gu, you’ve arrived.”

He then put on a strict expression and told the front desk lady, “This Miss Gu is the president’s girlfriend. She doesn’t need to have an appointment in the future.”

After Assistant Fang told the front desk, he took Gu Jin into the special elevator of the CEO.

Along the way, he “secretly” studied Gu Jin.

“Mr. Mu is waiting inside.” , Assistant Fang stopped in front of the office, “Please enter on your own accord.”


“I’ve troubled you.” Gu Jin thanked him and opened the door to find Mu Mingcheng sitting behind his desk and a mound of… green, green cilantro leaves on his takeout.

Mu Mingcheng didn’t lift his head, acting like he didn’t realize someone came in. He was completely focused on eating his meal.

The food slowly turned tasteless as he ate. That woman can smile so happily with others, yet can’t even bother to ask him how he is after entering. Hmph, is she going to die for opening her mouth first or something?

Gu Jin saw this and sat down on the sofa opposite the desk. The food smell was too strong and she was afraid that if she smelled it, she would spit out all her lunch.

It’s just, didn’t the assistant say that his stomach hurt?

His stomach hurts and he still ordered so much. Isn’t that going to just make it even worse?

Gu Jin suspected, ‘Could it be that there’s something wrong with Mu Mingcheng’s brain?’

The author has something to say:


Gu Jin: I won’t die. But I’m afraid that if I talk to you while eating, it will bother you…

What should she do if he chokes and dies?

When the author’s stomach hurt in the past, my belly bloated up like a bucket of water. Can’t touch, can’t turn, can’t straighten, can’t eat, can’t drink.
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