Chapter 78: Two Faced 1

Chapter 78: Two Faced (1)

“Assistant Fang told me on the phone earlier that your stomach is in pain.” After some consideration, Gu Jin smiled and asked him, “Have you taken any medicine?”

“Not yet,” replied Mu Mingcheng as he lowered his chopsticks. He wiped his mouth clean and looked at Gu Jin seriously. “What about you? Have you eaten yet?”

…Something feels unusual about their conversation. This man wasn’t feeling ill nor did he take any medicine.

There was a playful glimmer in Mu Mingcheng’s eyes when he asked Gu Jin whether she had eaten or not.

Gu Jin raised an eyebrow. She didn’t believe that Mu Mingcheng was unaware that she had recently dined with someone. Fang Yuan dared not look in her eyes when she had answered the phone earlier. He must have secretly sent a report to Mu Mingcheng about her meeting with Tong Lin.

So Mu Mingcheng’s intention is to pressure her to admit her mistake?

That’s ridiculous.

“Don’t you have something to say?” Mu Mingcheng folded his arms against his chest and leaned back on his chair with a contemptuous smile. “Who was the man you dined with? What’s your relationship?”

His tone of voice was somewhat inquisitive. If he found another girlfriend, she wouldn’t have to deal with a boyfriend who keeps questioning her whenever she shares a meal with a friend of the opposite sex.

“His name is Tong Lin,” Gu Jin replied calmly as she looked him in the eye. “He is my classmate and colleague. Is there a problem in sharing a meal to discuss work?”

So that man was originally called Tong Lin. Mu Mingcheng would have assistant Fang check that man’s background later.

Mu Mingcheng was silent for a moment as he observed Gu Jin’s tender face with a relieved heart.

At first, when he saw the photo of them together, he felt really upset. But when he carefully thought about Gu Jin’s character, he realized she was the kind of person who wouldn’t lie. Since she had promised to spend three months in a relationship with him, she wouldn’t just decide to hook up with others within this time frame.

But then again, her promise is also based on her own selfish reasons. Her trick is to be two-faced fox–appearing compliant in public, but then shows opposition in private


Feeling upset and somewhat annoyed, Mu Mingcheng deliberately ordered green cilantro which Gu Jin disliked the most. It seems to be his way of punishing her.

This bad woman named Gu Jin must have turned him stupid. When Mu Mingcheng ate his food, he glared at the green cilantro as if they were laughing at him.

“You think it’s okay, but don’t forget what our relationship is.” Mu Mingcheng frowned and said stiffly, “Now everyone in the capital knows that you’re my girlfriend. It would disgrace me if others see you dine with other men in private. If that happens…”

He cast a sidelong glance at Gu Jin, the meaning behind it was somewhat ambiguous.

Gu Jin blinked innocently. How can it be considered an affair if she was just dining with a friend of the opposite sex? Those group of people must be dirty-minded. Should she help clean their minds with a few bags of cleaning powder?**

(T/N: “black powder” in Chinese refers to gossip/news that dirties someone’s public image. So Gu Jin wants to counter w/ ‘cleaning powder’ figuratively LOL)

“Don’t think too deeply about it,” Gu Jin said as she raised her chin. “We’re just colleagues. I’m not interested in other people.”

“Ah,” Mu Mingcheng smirked. “To you he means nothing, but it doesn’t seem to be the same for him.” Although the photos weren’t very detailed, from the general outline, when Gu Jin spoke, that little pretty boy Tong Lin seemed really happy.

Gu Jin noticed that her boyfriend’s tone wasn’t quite right. This jealous demon, there’s obviously nothing going on between them!


“No,” Gu Jin murmured as she looked at him nonchalantly. “He doesn’t like me.”

Yes, Tong Lin never liked her.

Mu Mingcheng felt even more upset with her thoughtless remark.

Are you feeling sad that the little pretty boy doesn’t like you?

“Oh?” Mu Mingcheng laughed back angrily. His voice was gentle and low, without revealing his mood.

He picked up the cup beside the table and gently rubbed it. The cold texture calmed his restlessness.

“I’m going on a business trip the day after tomorrow.” Mu Mingcheng put down the cup temporarily and sat up straight. He placed his fingers on the desk and asked, “Do you have any plans coming up soon?”
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