Chapter 79: Two faced 2

Chapter 79: Two faced (2)

“Huh?” feeling puzzled, Gu Jin replied unconsciously, “I don’t have any plans.”

By mid-June, school is on a break and there won’t be any classes. For the next few days, she only needs to complete a single manuscript.

“That’s good,” Mu Mingcheng stood up and walked towards Gu Jin. He leaned over and said with a smile, “Then accompany me on my business trip to Y Country for a few days.” There was a firm determination in his words, as if he won’t take into account Gu Jin’s opinion.

His beautiful face suddenly came so close to her with a strange smile. Gu Jin back off in surprise, feeling as if the hair on her skin were raised.

“Mr. Mu, let’s talk about it. Don’t get so close.” She stretched out a finger to push his face far away from her.

…but he didn’t budge.

Mu Mingcheng carefully observed the woman in front of him. Today, she wasn’t wearing any makeup. Gu Jin’s delicate features and her naturally attractive face had a touch of style.

It was rumored that Gu Jin dresses up delicately with a solemn style whenever she meets Tong Lin. Does that mean she cared more about what he thought of her?

And is it true that this kid Tong Lin didn’t care about her?

While Mu Mingcheng thought of this, Gu Jin’s finger appears in front of him. This hand was well maintained at a glance. Her fingers were white, tender and slender; the nails were round and clean, giving others the urge to have a taste of it.

“Mingcheng,” Gu Jin said grin. “You seem to have a vegetable leaf stuck between your teeth.”

“Are you trying to fool me?” Mu Mingcheng frowned and his body turned motionless. He raised a brow and said, “I didn’t eat green vegetables today.”

“Is cilantro not a green vegetable?” Gu Jin stared at him with wide eyes and covered her mouth as if surprised: “If it’s not from cilantro, is it from yesterday’s meal?”

After that, she suddenly stood up and coldly looked at Mu Mingcheng. She replied with sarcasm, “Since Mu Mingcheng is in good health, I won’t stay here to bother you. I’m not as busy as you are. Wasting time isn’t a big deal.”


Mu Mingcheng’s forehead twitched when she described how disgusted she was with his teeth: Then get out of here, roll away!

However, his eyes followed Gu Jin’s figure with a trace of longing and unconsciously fell on her fair, symmetrical legs. She walked on the wooden floor with her high heels, which were as terrifyingly beautiful as floating clouds and running water.

Truthfully, she looked stunning in high heels.

Mu Mingcheng was annoying today, but Gu Jin was able to turn the tables today and made him seem like the nauseating one. She left the office in a happy mood, but once she stepped out, a voice rang behind her: “We’ll be going together to Y Country in three days, don’t forget it.” Her good mood disappeared instantly without a trace.

However, it was also a good choice to go to Y Country for a change of mood.

While Mu Mingcheng left for his business meetings, Gu Jin went shopping alone to catch glimpses of handsome, blonde foreign men.

Besides, isn’t it inconvenient to only take care of one’s need for food and shelter?

After Assistant Fang escorted Gu Jin to the President’s office, he returned to his own office without any hesitation.

Are the recent reports we received regarding boss’ girlfriend all true? If so, why is Miss Gu still able to use the President’s credit card while being left alone to spend it as she pleases?


His doubts remained unchanged until Gu Jin came out of the office and he escorted her downstairs.

Assistant Fang thought to himself that he must have a good vision to acknowledge her. In the future, Miss Gu’s position will surely rise up many, many levels.

He looked at Gu Jin’s back as she sat in the taxi and sighed to himself once again. The President isn’t someone who will easily be fooled. He witnessed Mr. Mu climb to his spot step by step over the past few years. Outsiders say that he had unlimited potential, but who knows what he actually experienced behind the scenes?

At times, a good family can either send its members to great heights in the heavens, or it can dig a grave for them instead.

It’s rare for the boss be such a kind person. Assistant Fang couldn’t help but be careful in his steps.
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