Chapter 80: Orphan

After returning once again to the Gu villa, Gu Jin felt as tired as a bird that drags itself back to its forest.

If it hadn’t been for Gu Teng’s reminder yesterday, she would have forgotten that today was her father’s, Gu Changsheng’s birthday.

After purchasing a tie in a hurry, Gu Jin rushed back to the villa in the evening to join her family for dinner.

The living room was very quiet. In this room with neatly arranged furniture, the girl in a white dress who sat on the sofa was very eye-catching.

Her hair was styled neatly behind her. Upon hearing a voice, she turned around, revealing her beautiful face.

“Little Sister Gu is back,” Gu Ling said mockingly, but her tone couldn’t hide how annoyed she actually was. “What a rare guest!”

“I’m not just another guest,” Gu Jin said while removing her shoes. She smiled as she replied: “This is my own home. I like to visit whenever I’m free.”

“But I remember that you prefer living in Cheng cousin’s house,” Gu Ling said as she squinted at Gu Jin. “No, you should be living at the apartment that Cheng Xin bought at your school.”

She seems to be implying that since Gu Jin keeps relying on Cheng Xin, she might as well just stay with that cousin’s family.

“What about it?” Gu Jin placed a palm on the handrail and said carelessly, “My sister-in-law likes me and wants me to stay at her apartment.” She stared faintly at Gu Ling and said, “What does that have to do with you?”

Gu Ling’s expression changed. She was an orphan who didn’t even know who her parents were, let alone her other relatives. She had nowhere to go except for Grandma Gu who took her in.

However, the Gu family already has Gu Jin.

Gu Jin, who was also a girl, was much luckier than she was.

Since childhood, Gu Ling had to live in the countryside with Grandma Gu, feeding the chickens and ducks all day so she could please the old lady.


Meanwhile, Gu Jin was born with good parents and was respected and loved by her mother. She also lived in a large, luxurious villa in the capital, like an elegant and noble princess.

Standing in front of this cousin made Gu Ling feel like an ugly duckling.

She was unwilling. They shared the same surname of Gu, but why are their fates so different? So whenever she got the chance to visit this villa, she took the opportunity to learn Gu Jin’s manners and habits, hoping to get the favor of her uncle Gu. Over time, her temperament became entirely different from that of a country girl who was raised in a remote area.

She ought to be happy, but when she finally came face to face with Gu Jin, she felt as if she put so much effort to reaching a high goal, only to make a joke of herself in the end.

There was no one else in the living room at this time. Gu Ling hated trying to hide her dislike of Gu Jin. She gritted her teeth and said, “Why would you want to come back then?”

Without her, Gu Ling would be the only girl that the family cares for. Since Uncle Gu likes his daughter so much, surely he will also accept Gu Ling into his family and treat her like a little princess.

“Same question back at you. Where do you think I want to live?” Gu Jin raised her eyes lazily. Before she could finish speaking, Gu Teng came walking in wearing his sneakers and his sweaty basketball clothes.

“Some people shouldn’t dare to think of living with our family, but once their surname is Gu, they think they should be the heir of our family?” Gu Teng slowly walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa, then crossed his slender legs.

The basketball fell onto the ground and rolled towards Gu Ling’s feet. Her face paled instantly.
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