Chapter 9: Dim Room

… … …

Gu Jin was imprisoned in his grip and her mouth was covered with one of his hands.

She was like a weak lamb against his embrace; even her struggles were futile. Her calls for help were muffled through his fingers.

Suddenly, she stopped moving.

A hard object poked at her waist, causing Gu Jin– who had never done ‘it’ herself but had seen others do it– to cry without tears.

Sure enough, no good thing ever happens when one follows the female protagonist; even a simple dinner would bring about shocking events like this.

The man sighed with satisfaction as he rested his head on her shoulder. He seemed to indulge in her hair’s soft fragrance as his hands moved restlessly about her.

Gu Jin held her breath and dared not make a sound. In this suffocating atmosphere, she feared that just the slightest movement would provoke this hungry wolf’s desires!

Just when Gu Jin thought that she was going to die in this choking situation, a warm breath seemed to blow on her ear like a dangerous snake. She could hear the man’s sighs clearly.

Gu Jin could feel goosebumps all over herself.

For the first time, she heard his voice as he spoke in exhaustion, “Who are you? Who let you in?”

Feeling the irresistible strength that pinned down her waist, Gu Jin had every reason to believe that the man who cornered her could overwhelm as easily as pinching an ant. After giving up her struggles, she stared directly at him. Her muffled reply sounded through his fingers, indicating that he release her.

Since the man was confident in his overwhelming strength, he let go of her without hesitation.

As he pulled his hand away, his thumb happened to rub over her soft lips. When Gu Jin felt his slender fingers slide across the corner of her mouth, her lips felt a tingling sensation.

Gu Jin felt as if her mind was about to burst!

She desperately inhaled a breath of air; never in her life did she think that breathing was such a wonderful thing.


As she stabilized her breathing, the grip around her waist loosened slightly. At this moment, Gu Jin’s eyes glinted viciously.

This is what you get for lowering your guard.

She headbutted fiercely, landing squarely on the man’s chin, while her heels slammed on his instep. The man grunted in pain, but his hand quickly reached out to her waist.

Sh*t! Gu Jin clenched her teeth.

Her knee kicked upwards between his legs as she maliciously used 80% of her strength.
The man inhaled a breath of cold air, and his palm couldn’t help but loosen. Finally, he collapsed to the ground.
Gu Jin looked back with a cold smile. She opened the door and escaped in a flash.

The man’s features could not be seen in this dim room. His heavy breaths echoed across the walls, and a pair of eyes glinted in the darkness like a menacing wolf.

After running for a while, Gu Jin found that the man didn’t catch up to her. She slowed her footsteps and gave a sigh of relief.

The people in the hall gave her strange glances. Gu Jin looked at her reflection on the wall; her hair was a mess and her skirt was noticeably wrinkled.

Afraid of being followed and subdued once again, she didn’t dare to enter the restroom to fix herself. She could only resort to using her hands in order to smooth out her messy hair and clothing.

Once Gu Jin arrived at her designated room at the restaurant, Gu Jin made sure to check the room number so she wouldn’t mistakenly enter the wrong place this time. However, what she saw left her speechless.


Only the first 6 and a number 9 can be seen clearly; that means that if the room’s guests didn’t pay attention, they could easily end up entering the wrong room.

If the owner of this restaurant continued to be so careless, how could their business continue?

What she didn’t know was that this setup satisfied the restaurant owner’s wicked interests. That way, if a stranger ends up entering a room uninvited, no one could hold the owner of Yuqing Pavilion responsible, even if the unwelcome guest ends up being ‘teased’ or assaulted at the wrong room. In addition, the dishes and delicacies at this restaurant were famous enough that people couldn’t resist such enticing food. After coming by many times, people became used to the way the place was run.
After Gu Jin confirmed the room number several times, she finally took the courage to open the door and enter.
“You…” After pushing the door open, her eyes widened at the scene before her.

She shook her head, as if unable to believe what she just saw with her own eyes. Finally, she shut the door and fled.
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