Chapter 81: Gu Ling’s Jealousy

“Little Teng, I’m your sister too,” Gu Ling said with a forced smile. “How can I not be an heir in the family?”

“I’m sorry,” Gu Teng replied with a light laugh. He carelessly combed aside the curly hair on his sweat covered forehead and didn’t bother to look at Gu Ling. “There’s only one sister in my registered permanent residence book. It’s that woman.” He raised his chin to point to Gu Jin.

For Gu Teng, Gu Ling was just some disgusting insect. Not only did they lack a blood relationship, they were also far from being acquaintances, so he didn’t feel the need to be polite to her. If only Grandma Gu didn’t insist on raising her, but their grandma’s mind has been getting more and more muddled as she aged. Thus, Father Gu had no choice but to give in to his mother’s wishes and take care of the orphan. If it weren’t for Gu Ling’s support, Gu Teng would have already slapped her for provoking Gu Jin several times. How can he possibly tolerate her if she continues?

However, it was gratifying to see that Gu Jin, who used to cry from Gu Ling’s shameless words, now knew how to fight back. Gu Teng always regarded his own sister as a pure white rabbit so her current change made him happy.

“It’s so hot and yet you went out to play basketball? Look how much sweat you have.” Gu Jin threw his bag on the sofa and went to lower the temperature on the air conditioner. She poured a cup of lukewarm water and handed it to Gu teng. “Don’t catch a cold, here drink some water.”

“You’re nagging like an old lady,” Gu Teng eagerly reached out to take the cup of water, but his mouth was frowning: “You’re annoying to death.”

The siblings spoke callously to each other but there was a hint of warmth beneath their words. Meanwhile, they completely ignored the third person in the room.

Gu Ling stood in her corner while looking at the scene before her. She silently clenched her fist.

Again? Isn’t she also someone with the Gu surname? Why are they treating her as an outsider?

Her heart was weighed down with thousands of grievances, but since Gu Teng was present, she dared not voice them.

Gu Ling knew clearly that her only patron was her grandmother. Grandma Gu preferred her over Gu Jin, but if she was to choose between Gu Ling and the only male heir Gu Teng, it was obvious whom it is the grandmother would choose.

She bit her lip silently and glared at Gu Jin with resentment.

‘Someday, everything you have will be mine.’ She was sure of it.

Just then, heavy footsteps approached from behind her.


Gu Ling’s eyes glimmered.

Grandma Gu came out of her room and happened to see Gu Ling looking enviously at Gu Jin and Gu Teng, who were enjoying themselves on the sofa.

Grandma Gu was over sixty-years-old, had a medium sized build, had a few wrinkles on her face, and had half of her hair turned white on her head.

Although the old lady lived in the countryside all year round, Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia were not unfilial towards her. Every month, they would send a large sum of money to her bank card on time. In addition to worrying about her adopted granddaughter, her life could not be better.

No, even her stride was full of energy.

“Little Jin came back to visit,” Grandma Gu calmly walked up next to Gu Ling and stopped. She raised her voice and said, “I thought I wouldn’t ever see you until this old lady enters the coffin.”

She took Gu Ling’s hand and sat down on the sofa, a gesture similar to a mother hen protecting her chicks. She feared that Gu Jin and her mother would bully this little orphan child of hers.

Seemingly unaccustomed to the soft sofa, Grandma Gu twisted her waist to adjust her posture to make herself seem more intimidating.

“Grandma, you may have misunderstood me,” Gu Jin pulled back Gu Teng, who wanted to speak on her behalf. She took out a golden bracelet from her purse and handed it to the elder with a smile, “Although it’s a little late, I prepared a gift for grandma.”


After speaking, she handed the bracelet over.

Grandma Gu didn’t say a word upon laying eyes on the jewelry. Gu Ling saw the elder’s eyes turn red as she carefully picked up the gift.
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