Chapter 82: Wasted Kindness

Where did Gu Jin acquire so much money? Even the gift she gave to Grandma Gu costs more than half a year of allowance that she receives.

Since the Gu family adopted Gu Ling, why don’t they give her the same amount of pocket money?

“Little Jin,” Gu Ling picked up the gold bracelet and casually examined it: “This golden jewelry looks cheap and tacky. Grandma won’t look good wearing this.”

As she commented, Grandma Gu’s gentle expression turned serious.

Gu Jin initially thought that the old lady liked wearing gold jewelry to feel rich and noble. She didn’t want her father to be caught in an uncomfortable spot with his family so she intended to improve her relationship with Grandma Gu. What she didn’t expect was that her kind act of trying to please the elder would be tainted black by Gu Ling.

At a glance, the expensive brand-name clothing that Gu Ling currently wore were bought just recently. It was apparent that Grandma Gu favored this fake granddaughter. Gu Jin smiled and said, “Gu Ling, you should gift our grandmother a nice dress first before saying whether the gold is good or not.”

Gu Ling tightened her grasp around the old woman’s hand. She blamed the situation on not having enough money herself. Even if she did have funds, she would use it to pay for her own clothing and bags. Grandma Gu is so old, why would she need new clothes?

Although these were her inner thoughts, Gu Ling’s eyes turned red and she fell on her grandmother’s lap: “Grandma, I’m so useless. I can’t support you right now.”

Gu jin sneered. The old lady has her own son for support. Why would she need this girl to provide for her?

This dead girl’s words were a sham but there’s actually someone here who would fall for it.

“Little Jin, how can you be so cruel?” Grandma Gu felt distressed upon seeing her favorite child shed tears. She raised her voice and scolded: “Your sister is too young to live alone and support herself! What do you expect her to buy?”

“She’s already 19 years old,” Gu Teng placed his cup on the table and added, “She’s old enough to move bricks at a construction site and provide for herself.”

Grandma Gu choked at Gu Teng’s words, but she only had one grandson so she was reluctant to reprimand him. Instead, she pointed at Gu Jin and angrily said, “I don’t need your bracelet. Let’s give it to the boy who’s selling flowers outside.”

Gu Jin who was criticized cruelly: ‘…showing kindness is wasted on them.’


This happened many time in the original host’s memory. She couldn’t understand why her grandma would hate her when she was one of her granddaughters. This caused her sadness many times.

The current Gu Jin had met many similar old women in her previous life; they were more or less partial to the grandchildren they raised. Personally, she didn’t care much for this grandma’s ugly side.

It just so happened that Li Mingxia and Gu Changsheng heard the elders words when they reached the bottom of the steps.

“Mom, what did you say?” Li Mingxia approached with a solemn expression and coldly stared at Gu Lin. “Little Jin gifted you a gold bracelet and you’re just throwing away to the kid selling flowers?”

Li Mingxia, who has been a teacher for decades, carried herself in an intimidating manner. Even the elder felt a little guilty; despite lacking some culture, she understood what Li Mingxia meant by those words. But still, Grandma Gu was disagreeable: “I spoke casually, but didn’t Gu Jin bully Ling Ling first?”

Gu Changsheng’s brow also wrinkled. Although his mother said that Gu Jin bullied Gu Ling, he didn’t believe it one bit. As a father, he was most clear about his daughter’s temperament, and Gu Jin had always been good to others. It’s not right to let others take advantage of her!

It appears that his mother’s mind is becoming more muddled and her heart has become too distant. In any case, his daughter’s gift was out of sincerity, so it’s too much to cast it away,

Feeling very distressed on behalf of his daughter, he approached Grandmother Gu and interceded. “Mom, there must be a misunderstanding here.” He then turned to Gu Jin.

“Grandma, I wouldn’t dare to bully the child you raised,” Gu Jin stood up and offered her seat to her elders. But there was a trace of irony in her words as she commented, “It’s just that someone told me that I shouldn’t return to my own home and should instead live at my aunt’s house.”


“Really?” Li Mingxia slowly looked over to Gu Lin. “Since when was my daughter’s choice to return home decided by an outsider?”

Everyone present knew which person she was referring to.
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