Chapter 83: Unexpected Visitor 1

Chapter 83: Unexpected Visitor (1)

“I, I noticed that Sister Jin doesn’t come home often, so I wanted to provoke her so she could stay here for a couple more days,” Gu Ling quickly explained in fear.

Ever since Li Mingxia appeared, Gu Ling’s face turned pale and she dared not raise her head. The girl nervously clutched her white skirt, making her appear like a frail white flower that trembled in the wind.

“Well, since it is a misunderstanding–” Grandma Gu also understood what happened, but she couldn’t bear to see the granddaughter that she painstakingly raised be embarrassed. With a smile, she said: “Hurry up and unpack. Today is Changsheng’s birthday so I will personally let you all taste my cooking.”

Gu Jin and Gu Teng both rolled their eyes at the same time, but when they noticed their father’s relieved expression, they decided not to pursue the matter any longer.

Gu Teng went upstairs to take a shower while both Father Gu and Gu Ling helped Grandma Gu in the kitchen.

In the living room, Gu Jin and Li Mingxia sat together. “I know that you’ve been mistreated today, but she is your grandmother after all and she is partial to that girl. You have to endure for a while for your father’s sake. You should go to school tomorrow instead of staying here. They will be leaving our house in a few days.”

Go back? Gu Jin, who had read the novel, raised a brow. Gu Ling, who was raised and favored by her grandmother, will not be going back to the countryside!

Instead, around this time in the plot, she starts becoming a headache and stumbling block between the original host and the supporting male lead.

When the food was presented, Gu Jin and Gu Teng looked at each other. The oily dishes on those plates caused them to lose their appetite.

Grandma Gu mentioned that Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia should arrange for Gu Ling to attend a good university, since she didn’t do well on her college entrance examination due to an illness.

Upon hearing this announcement, the Gu family’s expressions quickly changed.

“Grandma, my father isn’t a principal of a school. He doesn’t have that kind of authority,” Gu Teng put down his chopsticks and spoke harshly. “Even if he was the principal, he can’t just casually arrange for a person to join the school.” He glanced at the quiet Gu Ling and said with a profound meaning underneath, “Gu Ling didn’t test well this time. She can simply repeat a school year and retake the exam the following year.”

“You little rascal,” Grandma Gu frowned disapprovingly, “Do you know how tiring it will be to repeat a year–”

Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia were at the edge of their seats.


At this time, a knock on the door resounded. Gu Jin placed down her bowl and said, “I’ll open it.”

She came to the door, but as soon as she opened it, she closed it shut.

“Who is it?” Gu Changsheng asked. Since it was his birthday, it could have been a colleague or a student of his who came by to celebrate.

“Nobody,” Gu Jin replied quickly, but the knock on the door continued to echo.

Gu Teng looked at Gu Jin with suspicion but remained unspeaking.

The wind outside swept away the stifling heat in the air.

Shao Chong stood outside the door and diligently knocked.

After thinking about it for several days, he was still unwilling to give up on Gu Jin.

Since God arranged for both of them to experience rebirth together, he was clearly giving them a chance to make up for their mistakes in their previous lives. So he must persevere.


This was God’s will. Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng are only in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship right now. Since they weren’t married, he still had a chance.

In this life, he had memories of things to come and could grasp many opportunities. Even if his rival was Mu Mingcheng, why wouldn’t he be able to put up a fight?

He remembered that today was Father Gu’s birthday. In his previous life, he and Gu Jin visited every year to celebrate this elder’s birthday.

He couldn’t contact Gu Jin nowadays, but she must be home for today.

However, she still blamed him. When she saw his face upon opening the door, she didn’t hesitate to close it shut.

It doesn’t matter, since Gu Jin loved him once. He will patiently make it up to her and help to rekindle her love.

Author’s afterword:

Gu Jin: Your ego is really big!

What do you mean by ‘big’?

Gu Jin: big enough to cover the entire world!
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