Chapter 84: Unexpected Visitor 2

Chapter 84: Unexpected Visitor (2)

The knock outside the door attracted the attention of several people in the Gu family’s living room.

“Who the hell is knocking so loud outside?” Gu Ling commented, seeing that something didn’t seem right. Her eyes shifted suspiciously to her cousin. “Is it someone Little Jin knows of?”

“Just because you live by the sea doesn’t mean you know how wide it is,” ** Gu Teng casually commented as he patiently put down his chopsticks. “Please remember this, or you don’t get to eat!”

(**T/N: popular saying, pointing out someone as being nosy)

Feeling shocked, Gu Ling turned to her grandma with reddened eyes. Only then did Grandma Gu speak, saying that no one was blaming her. Sure enough, this family looked down on her since they weren’t related by blood.

She bit her lip, pretending to be strong. But when she looked around, she saw Li Mingxia smiling lightly.

It’s embarrassing when one’s true colors is exposed; it isn’t easy to change one’s image afterwards.

The old lady had raised an ungrateful white-eyed wolf while neglecting her own biological grandchildren.

Li Mingxia recalled when the elder once criticized her, saying that she was unfilial and sinister for not letting her raise a child to relieve her boredom. She once threatened that if she couldn’t adopt Gu Ling, she would take Gu Teng or Gu Jin to raise in the countryside.

What a joke!

Needless to say, the superior educational resources of the capital can’t compare with those in the countryside. Li Mingxia Gu and Gu Changsheng knew that sending their own children to the old lady would be a foolish choice.

Li Mingxia placed a somewhat less oily piece of vegetable in Gu Jin’s bowl. For the thousandth time, she felt grateful for not letting the old woman raise her children.

Upon seeing this scene, Gu Changsheng slightly knitted a brow, but didn’t say a word. He had celebrated many birthdays and had experienced these dozens of times. He didn’t need another birthday where his children have to be scolded for Gu Ling’s sake.

It’s better to let that girl learn a lesson this time around.


Seeing that her granddaughter was being scolded, Grandma Gu felt a little dissatisfied with Gu Gu Teng. What bothered her most were the words he just spoke. A few decades ago, she visited the city while displaying mannerisms from the countryside, and as a result, a couple of rich daughters from the city laughed at her ignorance and lack of etiquette.

As these unpleasant memories surfaced, Grandma Gu put down her chopsticks.

“Little Jin, today is your father’s birthday, so people will be coming to celebrate.” Grandma Gu spoke slowly with a commanding tone: “Quickly open the door and let the visitor in. Don’t allow people outside to mock our home, saying our family member’s weren’t taught manners.”

“Let him come in,” Gu Changsheng also added in. Not because his mother insisted, but rather, because the ceaseless ringing of the doorbell outside was disturbing their meal.

Noticing that Gu Jin didn’t move, Gu Lin stood up and quickly walked over to open the door. She looked down at Gu Jin, as if to say ‘this is how you do it.’

Gu Jin shrugged her shoulders and turned to the dining table.

Since plot has reached this point, Gu Ling will soon be introduced to Shao Chong.

Then isn’t the next step to create conflict between the supporting male and female protagonists?

Gu Jin can only sigh. Whatever the plot brings, there’s no point in trying to prevent it.


If Gu Jin no longer deals with Gu Ling, who knows how far the female protagonist Cheng Xin can progress?
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