Chapter 85: Unexpected Visitor 3

Chapter 85: Unexpected Visitor (3)

As soon as the door opened, Gu Ling was stunned by what she saw.

A handsome, well dressed man stood at the entrance. He was about to continue ringing the doorbell when the door suddenly opened, so he lowered his arm and displayed his warmest smile. He recalled that this was the kind of smile Gu Jin liked most; whenever he looked at her this way, she would blush.

“Excuse me, who are you looking for?” Gu Ling’s small face was slightly red. Her hands fiddled with her skirt and her teary, apricot eyes glanced quietly at the man’s direction. He was so beautiful, like a prince coming out of a castle to meet his Cinderella.

The smile on Shao Chong’s face suddenly disappeared upon seeing the girl. He frowned slightly and took a step back before saying, “Hello, I’m Gu Jin’s friend. May I come in?” His gaze was a little guarded.

Gu Ling didn’t know how to react upon hearing that he was ‘Gu Jin’s friend.’ She simply whispered “Ah” in reply and shyly motioned for him to enter. “Come in, please.”

Shao Chong silently followed her while keeping a distance of a couple of steps. His past life’s memory warned him that getting in contact with her will lead to trouble.

At this time, most of the people around the table have placed down their chopsticks, especially those who were used to eating Aunt Zhao’s style of cooking. They’ve lost their appetite after tasting their grandma’s greasy food.

While Gu Jin and her brother entered the kitchen to put away their dishes, Gu Teng suddenly asked, “Sister, who’s that man? Is he your boyfriend?” He could hear a man’s voice speaking outside their house.

“Don’t pay attention to that childish man,” Gu Jin reached out and turned on the faucet. “My eyes are clear, I look down on that kind of person.”

‘Childish’ Gu Teng thought as he pouted. Something’s not right!

However, since his sister says that man wasn’t her boyfriend, he certainly won’t acknowledge him. For Gu Teng, a brother-in-law is the most disgusting creature in the world.

“Good evening Professor Gu and Professor Li.” Shao Chong greeted politely as he put aside the gift box he brought at the living room. He glanced around the room but couldn’t find Gu Jin’s figure.

“And this gentleman is?” As the head of the family, Gu Changsheng naturally has to speak first.

“I am a good friend of Gu Jin’s, Shao Chong.” He smiled and respectfully said, “I heard that today is Professor Gu’s birthday so I came to visit.”


Gu Changsheng and his wife looked at each other with a hint of confusion.

Little Jin only has a few friends, and it looks like this one’s actually of the opposite sex? They’ve never heard her mention him!

But not only did he know of Gu Changsheng’s birthday, he also personally came to congratulate. Does that mean he’s pursuing Little Jin?

Gu Jin’s parents were very open minded. Their daughter is 20-years-old this year, and their niece Cheng Xin, who was the same age as Gu Jin, already has a boyfriend. It would be normal for Gu Jin to get a boyfriend around this time. As long as they were responsible and took protective measures, the Gu parents had nothing to say against it.

At this thought, Gu Changsheng allowed Shao Chong to be seated while giving him a measuring gaze. Based on his dress and mannerisms, he came from a good family; he also had an outstanding appearance. They were satisfied with these three points.
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