Chapter 86: No Longer Here

The Gu parents privately thought to themselves that a gentle and patient man would be most suitable for their daughter. Shao Chong seemed to fit those characteristics.

Just then, Gu Jin walked out of the kitchen while wiping her hands dry.

“Mr. Shao is mistaken,” she had a slight smile as she slowly walked towards the table. “Mr. Shao isn’t a close friend of mine, he’s actually my ex-boyfriend.”

Gu Jin’s words struck like a thunderstorm, immediately creating an uncomfortable tension amongst the Gu family.

Since when did my daughter/sister get a boyfriend? Why didn’t I know about it?

“Aunt and uncle, I’m sorry,” Shao Chong said as he stood up. He calmly added: “There are some misunderstandings between me and Little Jin–”

“There isn’t a single misunderstanding,” Gu Jin raised her voice and interrupted. “We already broke up after our last discussion. There isn’t anything to misunderstand after that.”

“Little Jin, I admit that I’ve wronged you before,” Shao Chong shook his head helplessly and said with a pleading voice, “But you can always give me a chance to make up for it.”

“You’ve made a mistake and you want to make up for it,” Gu Jin’s head hung low as she spoke. She then glanced up and replied in an indifferent voice, “Unfortunately, the person you seek, the one who can give you a second chance is no longer here.”

“What do you mean?” Shao Chong felt suffocated by her inexplicable words. “Explain it to me.”

“Mr. Shao,” Gu Jin said with a cold smile, without giving him an explanation to her earlier words. “My boyfriend won’t be happy if he finds out that you’ve come to meet my parents in private.”

Her current boyfriend hasn’t had the chance to pay a visit yet. Why does she need an ex-boyfriend to come over? There’s no point in going back to eat chewed grass.

In other words, scram!

“Little Jin, I don’t know how you met Mu Mingcheng, but he’s not for you.” Shao Chong recalled the couple leaving hand in hand at the banquet. His heart was in such despair that he forgot to continue questioning her about the meaning behind her earlier words.


“He’s better than you in every way.” Gu Jin strode back to the entrance and opened the door. She smiled faintly and said, “It’s a bit late for you to be here Mr. Shao. I don’t want the news to spread to all over the capitol tomorrow morning, saying that the Shao family’s heir forcibly tried to enter into our home.”

“Little Jin, I hope you reconsider the things I’ve said,” Shao Chong sighed. He said with a whisper, “I’ll be waiting for you, all the time.”

“I ended so miserably in a messed up life; I don’t want to have anything to do with you at all,” Gu Jin snapped back with a sneer. “So can you stop being so disgusting by pretending to be a saint?”

Seeing Shao Chong’s persistent gaze, Gu Jin rolled her eyes in annoyance. Can’t he understand human words?

After chasing the man away with his gifts, Gu Jin looked back at her family with a complicated expression.

“Little Jin,” Li Mingxia said. As she looked up at her daughter, she felt that she had failed as a mother; she never realized that her little girl had already grown up into a mature woman. Li Mingxia counseled with great emphasis, “Since you’ve grown up, we trust that you can handle your emotional life well. Just remember to protect yourself.”

Gu Jin nodded.

As the Gu parents watched their daughter’s receding back upstairs, they couldn’t express the melancholic feelings they had just now. It’s as if the treasure they once held in their palms was now going to be in someone else’s hands. All they can do is hope that their daughter won’t suffer in the future.
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