Chapter 87: Evening Call

Gu Changsheng patted his wife on the shoulder. The couple sighed.

Grandma Gu went to the corner sink to wash fruit while Gu Ling, who had just brought a bowl of fruits over, quietly stared at the dish. She sighed as she thought of Shao Chong who stood by the door despite the wind and rain: How can Gu Jin abandon such an excellent man?

It seems that her current boyfriend must be better than him.

When she finished taking a bath, Gu Jin drowsily laid on her bed. For some reason, she kept tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

After some thought, she dialed Mu Mingcheng’s number.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Mingcheng asked. He was currently dealing with business matters in front of his computer screen. Since he was departing for country YYY on a business trip, there were things he needed to arrange in advance while he is away from the company.

“I’m fine,” Gu Jin replied as she turned over with a pillow in her arms. “I just wanted to check if you were asleep or not.”

“Oh?” Mu Mingcheng moved the mouse to the upper right hand corner and clicked the close button. He went to the balcony and replied to her with a tone of surprise, “You should call me once in a while.”

Although the weather was dark and gloomy, his mood was unaffected. There was even a hint of cheerfulness.

Gu Jin raised her cellphone as she pondered; thinking about it, they had discussed it before. She vaguely recalled that the possessive Mu Mingcheng told her to call him every day.

After a while, Mu Mingcheng laughed and said, “Did you sleep?”

“I can’t sleep,” Gu Jin replied as she massaged her temples irritably.

Noticing that her tone wasn’t quite right, Mu Mingcheng asked, “Where are you?”


“At my family’s house,” she said.

“Why did you come home so suddenly?” Mu Mingcheng was surprised. Since they were both leaving the country the next day, shouldn’t she be preparing for the trip?

“Today is my father’s birthday,” Gu Jin pulled over her blanket’s corner and casually added, “Shao Chong came to visit too.”

Isn’t Shao Chong that man who shared some kind of secret with Gu Jin?

Mu Mingcheng frowned on the other side of the line. “What did he come for? There are always other men around you. Yesterday it was Tong Lin. Today, it’s Shao Chong.”

“He came to visit me,” Gu Jin said lightly.

“Ah,” Mu Mingcheng said with a self-deprecating smile, “What did you say?”

“Of course I did the right thing and turned him down!” Gu Jin smoothed out her pillow and lay on it. “But–”

“…He seems unwilling to give up.”


“Don’t worry,” Mu Mingcheng reassured. He turned and leaned against the railing while replying, “Soon, he won’t even have the time to harass you.”

“That’s good,” Gu Jin yawned and spoke wearily, “I’m a little sleepy right now. Good night.”

After hanging up, she smiled to herself: Since I’m just a weak woman without strength to tie up this annoying chicken, it’s best to find another man’s help to deal with the issue after being wronged.

After his phone beeped, Mu Mingcheng sighed.

How could he not be aware of what’s on his girlfriend’s mind?

Author’s afterword:

Gu Teng: I’m so angry, after we get rid of a brother-in-law, another one comes along!

Some people have commented that with a mother as caring as Li Mingxia, the original host never would’ve ended up in such a tragic way. Emmm, in fact, based on the original host’s personality, her family usually didn’t worry too much about her.
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