Chapter 88: Familiar

At nine o’clock, Gu Jin left the dormitory with a small suitcase.

“Gu Jin, good morning!” Shang Jiayu had just been dropped off by her boyfriend and happened to meet Gu Jin at the stairway entrance. Noticing a fully packed suitcase, she asked, “Are you heading out?”

Gu Jin returned to the dorm just yesterday, but as soon as she arrives at school, she’s leaving once again. Shang Jiayu found it a little strange.

“Yes,” Gu Jin replied with a smile, since there was no point in hiding it. “I’ll be away for a few days.”

“Well, have fun on your trip!” Shang Jiayu smiled as she waved goodbye.

Gu Jin stepped out of the dormitory and approached the driveway where a black Mayback was parked.

When she arrived with her suitcase, the car door opened.

The driver, Lao Liu, took Gu Jin’s luggage and placed it in the trunk.

“Thank you,” Gu Jin grinned as she politely thanked him.

“Miss Gu is very kind,” the driver replied. Carrying the suitcase was a bit too heavy for Gu Jin, and yet Lao Liu was able to pick it up easily with one hand. After placing the baggage at the back compartment, he dutifully returned to the driver’s seat.

“That’s all you’re taking with you?” Mu Mingcheng also stepped out of the car. By the way he was dressed, Gu Jin wondered whether he was afraid of being recognized; the man wore a dark, casual outfit and a pair of sunglasses. When he placed his hands in his pockets, he looked just like an unruly youth.

In addition, he deliberately restrained his overbearing momentum. Within this campus where people come and go, he looked just like a college student in his early twenties.

His disguise would’ve been perfect if he hadn’t come out of a conspicuous luxury car.

“There’s nothing that can’t be bought with that card you sent me. Why should I travel with so many things?” Gu Jin looked at Mu Mingcheng with a sidelong smile. “Unless, Mr. Mu isn’t willing to spend money?”


“How can that be?” Mu Mingcheng’s heart skipped a beat as he stared at the smiling woman in front of him, but on the surface, his face maintained a smile. “Since the card is for you, you can spend however you’d like.”

My man, your expression doesn’t match with your words.

Gu Jin recalled Mu Mingcheng’s uncomfortable expression when she first accepted the card from him. She was sure that if she had spent a lot of money on the card, he never would have maintained the attitude he had right now.

Shang Jiayu came downstairs again to deliver some books to her boyfriend. But from where she was, she spotted Gu Jin entering another man’s car from the distance before driving away.

“Jiayu, is that girl your roommate?” Shang Jiayu’s boyfriend, Chang Jie, hooked his arm around her neck as he watched the departing car in the distance.

“Well, it’s only been a few days since she moved in.” After handing him the book, Shang Jiayu waved her hand in front of his eyes to grab his attention. “Hey, what are you looking at?”

“Don’t move,” Chang Jie swept her hand out of his field of vision and said, “Don’t you think the man she left with looks a little familiar?”

“No,” she tilted her head in doubt. “I don’t think I’ve seen him before.”

Chang Jie opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t say his assumptions out loud.


Just recently, he participated in this year’s graduation ceremony as a senior who had already been admitted to graduate school. At the event, he sat in the front row and clearly saw Mu Mingcheng sitting on the rostrum between the headmaster and the other celebrities.

Boys always have an inexplicable admiration for famous cars. Even if they can’t afford it, they want to have a good look at it.

While Chang Jie was waiting for his girlfriend, his attention was immediately drawn to the black Maybach. So when he saw the young man stepping out of the car, he thought his own eyes were playing tricks on him.

But perhaps he was wrong. Since Shang Jiayu described her roommate as a gentle person, there’s no way Gu Jin would personally know Mu Mingcheng, right?

However, even if that man wasn’t Mu Mingcheng, he certainly was no ordinary person. It’s a good thing that his girlfriend made a good acquaintance with Gu Jin.
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