Chapter 89: Overseas Fligh


It wasn’t rush hour yet so there wasn’t much traffic. After Gu Jin boarded the car, they sped towards the airport.

At the airport’s VIP lobby, Assistant Fang took out his cellphone to check the time.

”Gu.” When he saw the couple at the entrance, he hurried over towards them. With a bright smile he said, “There’s still a lot of time before the plane takes off. Would you like me to find a place for you to rest for a while?”

“Um,” Mu Mingcheng replied. He took Gu Jin’s hand and sat down on a seat where he could close his eyes for a break.

In addition to Assistant Fang, there were several more employees from the Mu company who came to participate in the event. They were all under 40 years old, dressed in business suits and shoes; their attire along with their calm demeanor gave them an inviolable elite image

When they saw how indifferent Gu Jin was towards their boss, they started shifting uncomfortably.

One of the employees was about to scold Gu Jin and have her leave, but he held back when Mu Mingcheng shot him a warning glance.

Fortunately, the intercom announced that the plane was now boarding.

Gu Jin stood up with Mu Mingcheng and sighed. She thought she would enjoy the treatment of a first class lady and ride a private plane.

As she sat in the business section of the plane, she took out a book to read.

Suddenly, a man’s slender hand reached out and covered the page she was reading. “Assistant Fang spoke with me, were you planning to open a magazine?”

“Yes,” Gu Jin wasn’t surprised that Mu Mingcheng knew about it. She generously admitted, “Yes, is there a problem?”

“No, but I do have a request,” Mu Mingcheng took the book from her hand and said seriously, “Don’t cooperate with Tong Lin.”

“Why?” Gu Jin raised her head and looked directly at Mu Mingcheng.


“You aren’t interested in him, but there’s no telling what he thinks about you.” Mu Mingcheng lightly pointed his finger on the table. “If you really want to start a business, you can do it alone. You can sell it under the name of any company underneath the Mu company’s banner.”

As if afraid of Gu Jin’s suspicions, he said, “You can be assured, I won’t be troubled by adding another small company under my wing.”

Everyone knew the principle that leaning against a big tree always brings benefits. Mu Mingcheng was willing to lend his name to Gu Jin, even if it would cost him more.

After a moment’s pause, the corners of Gu Jin’s lips hooked up and she whispered in reply, “Okay.”

Although she didn’t completely agree with her boyfriend’s proposal, she knew that she had to end things between her and Tong Lin.

Although she’s always had a sense of guilt for occupying the original host’s body, she could not be the real Gu Jin and give a positive response to Tong Lin’s feelings.

It would be unfair for both sides to drag on. It would be better to take this opportunity and make it clear to him.

Gu Jin made up her mind. However, she still lamented the fact that both Tong Lin and the original host would have been a very happy couple IF ONLY Tong Lin had taken the initiative to express his feelings earlier, and if Cheng Xin had not paired up the original host with Shao Chong.

But there are times when people simply miss the right timing.


After a long flight, they finally arrived at country Y. Everyone was tired from their travel, but they couldn’t rest for the time being.

The company executives who cooperated with Mr. Mu came to pick him up in person. Mu Mingcheng and his employers smiled and greeted the other party. Along the way, they used authentic and fluent English to communicate.

The group of businessmen were eye-catching.

Gu Jin smartly followed after Mu Mingcheng with a stiff smile. She didn’t expect to have a slight fear of heights. After sitting on the plane for several hours, she inadvertently glanced outside, which made her feel uncomfortable.
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