Chapter 10: First Conflic

… … …

“You”…Gu Jin’s hand was frozen on the doorknob as she looked inside with wide eyes.

She shook her head in disbelief and her eyes reddened with emotion. Unable to look any longer, she shut the door before hastily trying to leave.

The sound of the door closing surprised the couple within the room, and the pair broke away from their embrace.

Cheng Xin pushed aside the man who was hugging her before rushing out the room to catch up to her friend. She stopped in front of Gu Jin and explained, “Little Jin, please don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing between us.”

Unable to stand Gu Jin’s cold gaze, Cheng Xin could only reach out for her hand while talking incoherently.

Gu Jin breathed in deeply.

She didn’t feel comfortable in this tense situation; on top of that, Cheng Xin was holding her hand tightly, causing her wrist to ache with pain.

In just a short period of time, a few people gathered in the hallway to watch the drama. Gu Jin wasn’t someone who enjoyed making a scene for others’ amusement. She glared at her cousin and said with a chilly voice, “Let go.”

There is a common saying that the more gentle a person is, the more terrible he or she becomes when angered.

Between the two cousins, Gu Jin has always been considered as the ‘older sister’ even though Cheng Xin was a little older than she was.

That is because Gu Jin had always carried a steady and careful disposition; her speech was soft and gentle and she had never shown any anger or impatience when dealing with others.

Out of the many years that they have been living together, this was the first time Cheng Xin heard her cousin speak so mercilessly to her. She couldn’t help but feel stunned, and obediently released her hand.

But Cheng Xin had always been arrogant and willful. She was the one that people would usually coax, so when has she had time to pacify others? And of all people, why should she coax Gu Jin who was usually the one to take that role?

As soon as she saw Gu Jin’s cold reaction, she felt the urge to let her temper loose. Gu Jin’s indifference to her flattering words caused her to frown in displeasure.


I’m the reason you and Shao Chong were able to get together!

If I hadn’t introduced Shao Chong to you, based on you character, how else could you have found a man with such a background and good looks?

Today, I just borrowed his shoulder to cry, and yet you’re unhappy with it. Is our many years of sisterhood all false?

In a few seconds, many different reasonings flitted across Cheng Xin’s mind.

But after she sobered up, she finally noticed that Gu Jin was rubbing a bruise on her wrist.

As the white light illuminated the woman’s white arms, the dark marks around her wrist appeared even more conspicuous.

“Little Jin, you…are you hurt?” She stammered. “What happened?”

After all, they have been good friends for many years. Seeing her cousin’s injury, Cheng Xin’s anger naturally dissipated like smoke, leaving only concern.

Gu Jin’s brows were furrowed as she caressed her wrist. She cursed in her heart for her bad luck.


The blood jade bracelet on her left wrist was missing!

It wouldn’t have been a problem at all if it was just an ordinary jade bracelet. She wasn’t short of money at all, with more than 100,000 in her bank card. It’s just that losing this particular bracelet will cause her a lot of heartache for a long time.

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