Chapter 91: Irresistible

‘Plop, plop.’

Upon hearing the sound, Mu Mingcheng’s fingers paused on the keyboard. He looked up and saw Gu Jin shining eyes boring onto him while her mouth watered noticeably.

“Look down, you’re spilling water,” Mu Mingcheng said as the corner of his lips lightly hooked up.

Gu Jin’s first reaction was to look at the cup she was holding. Sure enough, the cup was tilted slightly and the water had reached the edge of the cup.

“I never thought Mr. Mu could be so handsome and appetizing,” Gu Jin said jokingly after she was caught peeping. She placed down her glass of water in front of Mu Mingcheng before sitting on the sofa across from him. “You’re quite mouth-watering.”

The man uncrossed his legs, set his computer aside, and reached for the cup of water. After raising the glass to his lips, he asked, “Would you like a taste as well?”

The sofa sank deeper with his movements, and the gap between the folds of his bathrobe widened. The slit reached down to his navel, revealing the firm muscles on his chest and abdomen. Such a posture was quite–


Underneath the sunlight, the water stains on his lips glistened, adding a seductive touch.

The most honest reaction was Gu Jin’s increased salivation at this moment.

On most days, Mu Mingcheng’s is very calm and mild. People who see him at first sight are often attracted by this temperament.

This temperament weakened his appearance’s influence, making him more low-key. Of course, there will still be obsessed admirers who are attracted to his appearance at first glance.

However, he was a different man tonight. His clothes were scattered and his face, without putting up a pretense, revealed a young man’s sharp temperament. But this made him even more enticing.

He leaned against the sofa like a lazy cat waiting for his master to scratch him.


At present, Gu Jin unconsciously stole two more glances at the suggestive scenery, but her willpower eventually prevailed and she retracted her gaze. “No, I have a bad appetite, I’m afraid I won’t be able to digest it.”

“Oh,” Mu Mingcheng chuckled. “That’s good. I can go to bed at ease.”

He stood up abruptly, bypassed the tea table in front of the sofa and stood before Gu Jin.

He looked down as his eyes bore into her.

After a few seconds, he looked away. Right in front of Gu Jin, he drew up his bathrobe and securely fastened the belt, resuming a neat appearance.

Gu Jin: …Hey, I’m really not hungry okay?

That evening, Gu Jin had a dream.

In her dream, she became a very hungry rabbit. But she was very disciplined and principled; she firmly refused to taste that clump of grass, “I won’t eat it, I won’t eat it, I really won’t.”

The fat and delicious grass nodded obediently.


In the blink of an eye, it turned into a big orange carrot, which she couldn’t resist stuffing in her mouth.

Gu Jin woke up abruptly after that scene.

She sat up quite stunned for a few minutes. “Am I really that hungry?”

Shocked by her own ideas, Gu Jin shook her head. It was too terrible to think about.
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