Chapter 92: Thorn

After sitting for a while, Gu Jin patted her face, then got up to get dressed. “I’ll just head out and take a look around for some hot foreigners.”

When she finished changing, she opened the door to find that the table was already set.

Mu Mingcheng had long been dressed, and was now sitting on the couch with a newspaper in hand.

Something seems to be different about him today.

He was wearing a black shirt while his fringe was parted away from his forehead. His thick, black hair styled in a comb over, giving him a strong masculine aura.

As soon as Gu Jin came out, Mu Mingcheng stood up and sat by the dining table. His eyes took her up, then down before commenting, “You look good today.”

It was as if the sun was rising from the west.

Gu Jin doubtfully looked down at the long English dress she was wearing.

The long dress was specially prepared for her outing. It was slightly different from her usual style, but it didn’t seem like a new look to her.

After dinner, the couple walked out of the elevator and was greeted by Assistant Fang, along with some other unfamiliar faces.

Those elite men didn’t move much; they simply nodded back.

Everything was going just as usual, but what annoyed Gu Jin was how Assistant Fang stared at her with such enthusiasm. Even the smile on his face was strange and irksome.

But he was oblivious to her displeasure. Assistant Fang watched as the couple walked out of the elevator like a golden pair, without even realizing that his grin was as obvious as a blooming chrysanthemum.

Others were unaware of the status quo, but as Mu Mingcheng’s personal assistant, Mr. Fang was clear about the relationship between his boss and Miss Gu.


Knowing the details, he had to admit that his boss’s methods were underhanded.

Their relationship was only contractual since he used her family heirloom to threaten her to be his girlfriend. If he had offered the contract to a woman who desires to climb a dragon to become a phoenix, then that woman would have been pleased with his offer. But if the other party was someone temperamental, having her stay as your girlfriend was the same as a double edged sword.

When Miss Gu agreed to Mu Mingcheng’s request, Assistant Fang had secretly despised her in his heart. But it turned out that she was different from what he initially assumed, so his attitude towards her changed completely.

After some analysis and reflection, he sincerely hoped that his boss can truly start a relationship with Miss Gu. His boss had never had such emotions and is inexperienced. He also wasn’t good at saying his feelings.

If someday, his boss is angered and breaks up with Miss Gu, Assistant Fang doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath.

The key item that brought the young man and woman together was the bracelet. The sooner the jade bracelet is returned to Miss Gu, the better. Otherwise, the longer the time before it’s given back, the deeper the thorn.

Someday, if the two of them start to have feelings for each other, Assistant Fang was afraid that their calculative dealings with each other will become a thorn, causing them to suspect that the other’s feelings isn’t sincere.

He wasn’t fully aware of his boss’s experience these past few years when he took over the company. He only knew that it was miserable. Assistant Fang witnessed how hard Mu Mingcheng worked these past three years to overcome one trial after another. As a close subordinate, he hopes that his boss will find someone who understands him.

But things seem to have changed.


He clearly saw it last night–his boss and Gu Jin entered the same room. If a lonely man and woman enters a room, and even more so, if they were in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, what could happen? Hey hey, isn’t that natural?

As long as they solidify their relationship, why should he be afraid that they’ll close off their emotions?

No one was aware of Assistant Fang’s attentive thoughts.

Meanwhile, to Gu Jin’s dismay, her plans to shop and sightsee hot foreign men all vanished into thin air.

The whole matter of accompanying him for business was just a waste of time. While Mu Mingcheng dined with the company he had business dealings with, Gu Jin was forced to sit on a corner and listen to their conversations.

What made her feel self-doubt was how she was able to understand what everyone was saying, but for some reason, she didn’t know what to say to the group once they come together. Why is that?

Feeling bored and annoyed, Gu Jin rested her chin on one hand while she glanced at Mu Mingcheng, who indifferently spoke with the foreign country’s language.

When Mu Mingcheng refused a toast, the group no longer offered him wine. Instead, they praised him for taking care of his body, along with his country’s health practices.
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