Chapter 94: Wounded

The man’s dark western coat was damp. Gu Jin dazedly lifted her hands as she stared the bright red stain.


Gu Jin called out his name in a shaky whisper.

The man’s heavy body was pressed against her, making it difficult for her to breathe.

But although she was uncomfortable, she dared not move a muscle. She even tried to control her breathing so that she barely made a sound. Gu Jin was afraid that if she disturbed Mu Mingcheng’s wound, he would end up bleeding more profusely.

Gu Jin placed her hand on his shoulder and she raised her voice a little more, “Mu Mingcheng?”

Still no response.

It was as if her heart was pricked by a needle. Her eyes began to tear up.

This was the first time Gu Jin had the impulse to cry ever since crossing over to this novel world.

Her hands trembled as she called out Mu Mingcheng’s name again and again.

The scene was quickly put under control. There were some who pointed to Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng and they approached the fallen couple on the ground. Upon seeing their condition, they couldn’t help but feel bewildered, not knowing what to say.

“You save him,” Gu Jin’s voice was hoarse as her tears fell. “Save him now!”

But no one came forward to help.

Gu Jin tensed up in worry and her hand tightened around Mu Mingcheng. Why did he cover for her? What was their relationship? Was she worth his sacrifice?


‘Cough,’ Mu Mingcheng suddenly opened his eyes and weakly said, “Don’t cry, it’s okay. I won’t die.”

He used to suffer more serious injuries than this, and wasn’t he still alive?

“You’re awake?” Gu Jin’s tears stopped, but the makeup she painstakingly applied was now a mess. She looked disheveled at the moment.

But Mu Mingcheng felt that she was most beautiful at this time.

“Umm,” he replied as he slowly closed his eyes.

“But woman…” He turned to her and said with a pain smile, “If you squeeze my shoulder tighter, I’ll probably die of pain.”

Before he could say more, his chest jerked and blood began to trickle out once again.

Gu Jin glared at him angrily for joking at such a serious time.

But his humor meant that his wound shouldn’t be too serious.


She breathed a sigh of relief. Gu Jin loosened her hand around Mu Mingcheng’s shoulder, only to find a bloody hole underneath.

Frightened by the sight, she quickly removed her hand and scolded, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

She’s been pressing against his shoulder so tightly, wouldn’t that exacerbate the wound?

Mu Mingcheng closed his eyes, not knowing whether to speak or remain silent.

“Mr. Mu,” Lao Liu squeezed through the crowd and rushed over. After seeing the situation at a glance, his usually gentle face suddenly turned sharp. It was completely different from his usual image. After surveying the vicinity, Lao Liu quickly helped Mu Mingcheng up and off of Gu Jin.

“Miss Gu, Mr. Mu’s injury isn’t critical,” he said as he hurriedly inspected Mu Mingcheng’s injuries. “I’ll be sending him to the hospital for treatment.”

“Okay,” Gu Jin calmed down and nodded. “Let’s go quickly.”

The longer they delay, the more blood is lost. Even if he wasn’t in much pain, it wouldn’t be good to lose too much blood.


At this time, the ambulance sirens sounded. The crowd was evacuated and the site was immediately blocked from pedestrians.

Gu Jin wiped her forehead and followed the team closely.

At a corner away from everyone’s sight, a man carrying a traveling bag stared at the departing ambulance. He threw his bag on the ground and cursed: “Sh*t!”

“Bro, you’re not so skilled after all. You can’t even deal with a delicate young woman.” A man wearing a black hoodie, pants, and a matching baseball cap walked towards him from across the street. He whistled teasingly and said, “I’ve already completed my task.”

“Oh,” the man with the bagpack sneered in reply. “But he was saved in the end, wasn’t he? K, it’s too early for you to say that your task is finished.”
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