Chapter 95: His Regre


“It’s easy for him to be rescued but keeping his life will be much more difficult,” shrugged the man who was dressed in black. “The fact that I was able to land a bullet on him is enough to make a name for myself among those of my trade.”

The reason why K accepted the job was because he caught a glimpse of Mu Mingcheng’s photo on the internet.

Although Mu Mingcheng’s current appearance was quite different from a few years ago, K could still recognize this man, even if his body turned into ashes. That’s because K was once chased without a hiding place by him. So he planned to assassinate Mu Mingcheng no matter what it takes, and regardless of the consequences.

Landing a bullet on the former King of firearms is the proudest accomplishment for K in this lifetime.

“Don’t you want money?” the man with the bagpack said as he squinted his eyes.

“Think about it,” replied K in black as he turned towards the wooden warehouse. In the blink of an eye, the gun disappeared to who knows where. He casually said: “I only landed a bullet Mu Mingcheng, so then my employer simply doesn’t pay me as part of the agreement.”

He continued, “But for you, it’s different. After today, Mu Mingcheng will certainly not appear so easily in front of others again.” He raised the eaves of his hat to reveal his chilling gaze. “In your case, if you can’t kill the target, you have no way of dealing with your master.”

“Don’t forget, you still haven’t finished off that woman yet.”

“I don’t have any interest for a woman who’s powerless,” K said with a chuckle. “It doesn’t matter if my employer pays half his fortune for it. In any case, you’d better worry about yourself!”

They both had different employers but they shared the same mission.

K was in a cooperative relationship with his employer, so if the agreement isn’t fulfilled on either side, the whole contract collapses. But it’s different for the other hitman; he will be punished if he fails his task.

In the past, K never bothered paying attention to these lower skilled men, but who would’ve thought that their employers would join hands?

K could only sigh helplessly. If he wasn’t cooperating with such a useless pig teammate, he would have long sent Mu Mingcheng to see the King of the Underworld.

But the results for now were satisfactory. Even if Mu Mingcheng was sent to the brink of death, a man like him who licked blood on the knife’s edge would never fear those who come for him.


The next morning.

Gu Jin sat on a chair in the VIP ward of country Y’s First Hospital, carefully peeling fruits.

The sky was cloudy, with a few instances of sunlight seeping through the window and entering the room.

The sunshine sprinkled on Gu Jin’s white and tender face. Her complexion was so fair, that one could count the fine hair on her skin.

She held the apple while her slender fingers turned the fruit knife. Within a minute, a clean and neatly peeled apple was presented in her hands.

Time leisurely flowed and shallow breathing sounds could be heard.

When Mu Mingcheng opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was this indescribable scene. He couldn’t help but feel choked from emotion. For some unknown reason, he thought back to that tranquil night. She had also been as gentle and refined as now.

But unlike today, she had a fake smile on her face at that time.

As he pondered, Mu Mingcheng realized something. It seemed that Gu Jin had never been sincere towards him in the past.


He shouldn’t have grown feelings for her, and he kept telling himself not to.

But now, Mu Mingcheng had a tinge of regret.

Yes, when he chose to protect Gu Jin with his body, he immediately regretted.

Since Mu Mingcheng had been gazing at her for so long, Gu Jin eventually noticed his stare.

“Are you awake?” Gu Jin looked up at him and smiled.
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