Chapter 96: Sliced Apples

“Are you awake?” Gu Jin looked up at him and smiled.

The doctor said that Mu Mingcheng’s body was in excellent condition and that his injury was far from fatal. There was no problem as long as he doesn’t catch a fever. Since some blood was lost, the man also needed to recover some more.

Mu Mingcheng can leave the hospital in about ten day’s time, after which he can safely recover at home.

Gu Jin placed the peeled apple on a fruit bowl with other sliced apples. The surface of the fruit had already changed color since it was exposed to the air.

Apples of different shades were neatly arranged on the dish, creating a kind of inexplicable joy.

“Yes,” Mu Mingcheng replied in a hoarse voice. “Just a little thirsty.” His face was very pale while his lips were cracked.

“Wait a minute,” Gu Jin helped him sit up before turning around to pour him a glass of water.

However, Mu Mingcheng didn’t lift his hand to receive the cup; he merely stared at the glass of water before looking up at Gu Jin.

“I almost forgot about your injury,” Gu Jin seemed conflicted as she stared back at him. “Would you like me to feed you?”

As soon as she spoke, she wished she could take her words back. Helping him drink could be too intimate of an action between them.

“Forget it, I’ll call a nurse.”

“You feed me,” he said.

After hearing his request, Gu Jin had to sit at the edge of the bed before placing the glass against Mu Mingcheng’s lips.

The man must really be thirsty. Just when the cup pressed against his lips, Mu Mingcheng took several greedy gulps. That, coupled with Gu Jin’s lack of skill in placing the cup caused some water to spill out.


“Slow down.” Gu Jin took out piece of paper towel and wiped off the moisture. She scolded him and said, “Don’t choke on it.”

What if he coughs violently and tears his wound open, wouldn’t he end up bleeding again?

Mu Mingcheng remained silent after her reprimand. It was rare for him to not argue back. Instead, he patiently began to sip his water.

Seeing his proper behavior, Gu Jin surprisingly thought he was a bit cute. It was as if she was raising a child into someone obedient and sensible!

But can the two words ‘obedient’ and ‘sensible’ really describe someone like Mu Mingcheng?

After drinking water, Mu Mingcheng closed his eyes.

In order not to disturb his rest, Gu Jin sat away a little further. When she reached for the fruit tray once again, she realized that she had cut so many apples without paying attention.

Gu Jin awkwardly reached for a freshly cut apple and took a bite as if nothing had happened.

The apple was juicy and sweet. ‘Chomp, chomp.’ She couldn’t resist another bite.


“I want to eat fruit,” Mu Mingcheng said as he opened his eyes.

Gu Jin took another bite before replying, “Okay.”

She picked up the knife and cut the apple into smaller pieces, then found two toothpicks which she inserted into the bite sized slices. Gu Jin sat next to the patient.

The apple’s juice stained Mu Mingcheng’s thin, pale lips, causing them to glisten.

Gu Jin unconsciously licked her own lips.

In fact, among all kinds of handsome men, her favorite type was a frail and beautiful man.

Although Mu Mingcheng had to recuperate on a hospital bed, his infirmity still couldn’t hide his attractive appearance. On the contrary, it seemed to provoke the onlooker’s inner wolf, giving others the impulse to cruelly ravage him.

Feeling her heart beat loudly, Gu Jin closed her eyes to hide away her uncontrollable thoughts.

Mu Mingcheng, who had been quietly observing her, had seen it all. The corner of his lips lifted to an almost unnoticeable smile.

“Miss Gu, here is your breakfast.” Assistant Fang opened the door and said with surprise, “Mr. Mu, you finally woke up.”

Mu Mingcheng wasn’t touched at all by his subordinate’s concern. His face darkened as he wondered: ‘Wasn’t this assistant supposed to be tactful?’

Gu Jin finally stood up. She’s been in a bad mood for a while now. There were many times when she wanted to call for someone to come and feed him, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it when she thought of how Mu Mingcheng protected her.

At this time, Assistant Fang’s appearance undoubtedly saved her the trouble.

That was why Gu Jin laughed happily at his entrance. Meanwhile, Assistant Fang was puzzled by her reaction. But he thought not more of it and dutifully reported to Mu Mingcheng, “You may not know this Mr. Mu, but Miss Gu hasn’t closed her eyes the entire night so she could take care of you!”

After saying so, he looked to Gu Jin with an appreciative smile.

Author’s Afterword:

Assistant Fang: When it comes to matchmaking, I’m a professional.
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