Chapter 99: Journey Back 1

Chapter 99: Journey Back (1)
Five days later, under Mu Mingcheng’s firm orders, their group embarked on their journey back to their home country..

Mu Mingcheng had already discussed certain business issues with Y Country and expressed his respect for their company. He emphasized the importance of their business dealings held and assured that the rest of the work can be completed by his elite team.

As for his physical injury, five days were enough for his wounds to scab. As long as he was careful and didn’t strain himself to much, he could go back safely to his country and recuperate.

Gu Jin advised him to wait a couple of days before leaving, but Mu Mingcheng insisted that there wasn’t any time to delay. If he returned late and the hidden clues were erased, wouldn’t he end up suffering a hidden loss?

It’s best to head back to the grasslands and catch the snake by surprise, so that the enemy in the shadows wouldn’t have time to rest.

Seeing how insistent Mu Mingcheng was, Gu Jin went ahead to ask the doctor for advice. The doctor said that his wounds only needed a bit more time to heal, so traveling by plane should be just fine. Gu Jin sighed in relief.

Thankfully, Mu Mingcheng’s parents quickly prepared a medical team to accompany him after they found out that their son was recently a target for assassination.

Shortly after, a private jet arrived.

According to Assistant Fang, the private jet was specially arranged by Mu Mingcheng’s parents for fear that those behind the scenes haven’t given up in their goals to kill Mu Mingcheng and Gu Jin.

In order to ensure their son’s safety, Father Mu used his relations abroad to arrange this. Even the flight attendants had each undergone thorough background checks.

Gu Jin had only seen what a private jet looked like on TV during both her past and present life.

She was surprised to find out that they would be able to ride a private plane on the way home. When she saw the jet personally for the first time, she felt as if her legs had gone soft.

Previously, when Gu Jin flew out of the country for the first time, she had no idea that her body had an instinctive fear of heights, so she wasn’t afraid to board the plane.

But ever since she peered out of the window on her first flight and discovered her acrophobia, she found that her stomach began to feel uncomfortable before she has even stepped foot inside the plane.

Standing behind Gu Jin were several tall bodyguards sent by the Mu family. They seemed to be waiting for her to go up before following her into the cabin.


Gu Jin gritted her teeth and went up the stairs.

When she finally mustered the courage to step on the ladder, a voice sounded from the entrance of the plane: “Old Liu, you go and give her a hand.”

Mu Mingcheng sat on a wheelchair with Old Liu right behind him. There were several layers of thick gauze wrapped around his chest. His broad suit could only be draped over his shoulders. After several days of treatment and recuperation, his face was still slightly pale and he seemed to lack strength.

“Yes.” Old Liu let go of the chair and got off the plane to approach Gu Jin. “Miss Gu, excuse me for troubling you.”

Gu Jin raised her head. The sun shone brightly in the sky, making it difficult to see the expression of that man inside the plane. She squinted and whispered to Old Liu, “Thank you.”

Gu Jin’s trembling legs and uncomfortable stomach eased a lot with his support.

In fact, psychologically speaking, Gu Jin wasn’t afraid of flying. To her frustration, it was this body’s instinctual fear that was too strong to suppress.
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