Chapter 100: Journey Back 2

Chapter 100: Journey Back (2)

Gu Jin arrived at the entrance of the plane with a pale face. Right when she entered, a powerful hand reached out and grasped her arm, exactly at the spot where Old Liu held her earlier for balance.

Mu Mingcheng took Gu Jin’s hand and looked down at his chest that was wrapped in gauze. He looked back at her helplessly and asked, “Wheelchair, please Little Jin.”

At his words, Gu Jin’s heartbeat accelerated again.

She didn’t know why, but although the name ‘Little Jin’ was normal to her, somehow, having Mu Mingcheng call her that seemed to give her goosebumps.

Mu Mingcheng calmly confronted her, and there was a subtle feeling in the air.

Suddenly, Gu Jin smiled and replied, “Alright.”

She took the wheelchair and neatly pushed it inside.

There weren’t a lot people on the plane. Besides the two passengers, there were also a few bodyguards and attendants, so there was still a lot of space left on the the plane. Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng had a small room to themselves to rest on the plane.

After they were settled, the plane was ready to take off. When it began to lift into the air, Gu Jin began to feel nauseous and her chest felt tight.

Only the two of them were in their private room. Mu Mingcheng sat in the middle of a wide bed. His wounds had yet to fully heal so his face paled.

When Gu Jin saw his state, pushed aside her complaints and sat down next to him while carefully caressing his wounded chest.

“Are you afraid?” Mu Mingcheng took her hand and looked up at her as he asked. He remembered their time at the hospital when she couldn’t sit still.

His loose hair covered his deep gaze. There was an imperceptible tenderness in his expression as he turned all his attention to Gu Jin.

“I’m alright.” Gu Jin saw him take her hand slowly. She felt slightly displeased. Why was Mu Mingcheng taking liberties with her again?


The two chatted together and soon it was dinner time.

Seeing how fatigued Gu Jin was today, Mu Mingcheng didn’t ask her to feed him this time. However, he didn’t call for anyone else to serve him. The man lifted his arm carefully without pulling the wound on his chest.

Gu Jin enjoyed a light supper in the dining room, but then sleep became a problem by the time she came back.

The attendants outside sat on their seats for the time being. For these past few days, Gu Jin feared that an assassin could be lurking around the hospital, so she wasn’t able to sleep well recently. Now that they’ve left that dangerous place, her mood was relieved to an extent, but her fear of heights didn’t allow her to rest completely.

However, there was only one bed in the room. There wasn’t even a sofa.

“Rest assured,” Mu Mingcheng said as he lazily leaned against the bedside. He smiled lightly as he lifted his injured arm. “I can’t do anything to you in this state. I’m afraid you’ll be the beast attacking me at night.”

Afterwards, he lifted a brow as if to hint about something.

“Ha ha, there’s no way I’d do it with a patient who doesn’t have the ability,” Gu Jin’s face was stiff. She recalled their first day on YYY Country when Mu Mingcheng wore a bathrobe with a mouthwatering appearance.

Meanwhile, Mu Mingcheng’s face turned black when he was told he didn’t have the ‘ability.’
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