1 Unwelcomed Guests

It is a typical character of Han Jie to leave home whenever she was bored or having a misunderstanding with her father. She had been coming to the mountain for almost six months without letting anybody know about her secret place. Now, she had decided to make it a permanent getaway place.

The cabin was created on the rock so that her happiness will never be disturbed even by the rain. But she was yet to know that the cover of her cherished hiding spot will be blown soon and her silent world will turn upside down.

Placed on Han Jie's lap was her wide but not big drawing book with a pencil in her right hand. When she was just being idle at her home, Han Jie discovered her talent in sketching and drawing so she decided to make it a hobby. She always did sketching or drawing whenever she needed time alone. It was probably the only thing she was good at as far as she knew.

Before the death of her mother, that happened two years ago, Han Jie used to find solace in her mom and technically she didn't hide anything from her as she was her best friend. Ever since her demise, she hadn't found the same comfort in her father.

At least she had a dog. Yes, but Han Jie still felt empty inside so what other option would she had chosen if not to pour her heart out through her drawing in the presence of nature.

What could go wrong? Aside from the occasional sound of the animals that howl at night, Han Jie was not afraid of anything else. Her shotgun was still fully loaded after all.

She could even do what she wanted. Sleep when she felt like it, wear pajamas all day and probably didn't had to take a bath too if she felt like it. For Han Jie, she was currently living in paradise.

Han Jie smiled cheekily at her first sketch of the day with satisfaction. Two male characters that were standing. The characters were holding hands as they gazed at the sun.

'How nice would it be to show love to someone without the restriction of gender?' She thought dreamily, before working on the next step of the process.

She grabbed her manga ink and started to outline the picture. Yes, Han Jie was a manga artist, mostly for the yaoi genre and she loved it.

The process was slow and painstaking as her family was opposing her being a manga artist. With her mother gone, she didn't have a choice but to leave her home. As she was the unfavored daughter, her father pampered her sister more and she will let him continue it.

That was already in the past since Han Jie decided to embrace her inner fujoshi and be proud of it. There was no way she could go back, and her family would never accept her willingly.

Han Jie bitterly smiled as she continued to do what she loves. Not until her dog Snout started barking loudly from outside.

Her dog Snout was a three-year-old golden retriever that her mom allowed Han Jie to have. Now, the dog was her only companion and friend in her current solitude.

She just thought that Snout was barking on smaller animals like rabbits. But when the whirling sound of a helicopter could be heard from afar, Han Jie came out from the cabin to see what was happening.

Her dog Snout was already barking aloud and Han Jie whistled him to stop. Surprising as it may seem, Han Jie was furious to see the drama playing out in front of her.

The helicopter landed on a flat surface above the ground as Han Jun, her cousin, alighted from it. Jonah, one of her father's bodyguards, was already out from his hiding place to escort Han Jun to where Han Jie was.

Han Jie saw all that from the place as she stood on the mountain. The two men found their way to climb on the mountain and soon got to where Han Jie was standing.

"I must confess you have a nice taste to nature," Han Jun said facing her. "I would have placed a bet that you won't be found from here."

"You are not welcomed here. Go away." Han Jie immediately refused their presence.

"Me or the boy?" Han Jun asked sarcastically while pointing at Jonah.

"Both of you," Han Jie replied. "Leave now!"

"Wow! How uncivilized. Tsk. Tsk. This happens if you decide to hide alone in the mountains and pretend to be a hermit. You forgot your manners". Han Jun replied with mock hurt, but the smile on his face looks taunting enough to piss Han Jie off. Despite that, he waved his hand at Jonah. Signaling him to go back to the helicopter.

'I want to stab his eyes with one of my pens...' Her evil thoughts whispered in her mind.

In reality, Han Jie does not care about such things. A little taunting from Han Jun, who was her cousin from her father's side, was still minor as their personality did always clash. They had exchanged more sensitive insults before.

Han Jun was already giving his time to saw her who was on top of the mountain, even while wearing his expensive shoes and allowing them to be dirtied by mud was already a surprising thing.

Han Jun is also the oldest son of the Han family. Thus, he was most likely to be the next master of the family, given that her father did not have a son.

Too bad for the Han family, her fujoshi radar was just so active around Han Jun, so behind all of the insults, there was her care and support towards him.

Going back to the visitors that she was facing now, Han Jie had a feeling that whatever the reason for the sudden visit should be related to the family affairs.

"Two minutes. State your business in two minutes." Han Jie compromised.

Han Jun chuckled, "So strict! Aren't you happy to see me!"

"I can't remember inviting you here," Han Jie replied angrily. Han Jun tried to move closer to her, but Snout barked out loud, scaring him to retreat his steps. "That's what happens when you are not wanted in a place." Han Jie said.

"Han Jie! Stop fooling around! Your father told me that I could find you here, and he needs to see you!" Han Jun hissed while looking fearfully into the dog's eyes.

Han Jie eyes bulged with mock surprise, "He does? Really? Can you tell me why?" Her smile was so sweet that it made Han Jun creep out.

"Er... Your father will discuss with you and only with you what he needs. So let's see him. Or do you need to change clothes first?" He asked, looking at her from head to foot. It was the middle of the day, and she was still in her pink pajamas with teddy bear prints.

"Your two minutes are over. Unless you answer me here in the next thirty seconds, I will chase you away with my dog. Right buddy?" She said while looking down at Snout who stood beside her.

Cooperating with its master, Snout barked in agreement and growled at Han Jun like saying, 'Speak now or you won't be spared.'

With a booming sound coming from the dog, Han Jun knew any misplaced moves from him would result in his meat in the dog's mouth. He stood in his place without moving even an inch for close to five minutes as the dog kept looking at him with a warning.

Leaving him with no choice, Han Jun confessed, "Fine! Your sister ran away from her arranged marriage, and you need to replace her! There! Happy? Let's go!"

"Happy?" She asked softly. Han Jie is dumbfounded with disbelief and then her shoulder shook as she laughed madly. She suddenly stopped and commanded loudly, "Snout! Chase and bite!"

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