2 Temporary Band-aid 1

"Wait! Wait! Hold on!" Han Jun exclaimed as loud as he could. To stop Han Jie as well as to call for help as he watches the golden retriever slowly approached him like prey that was ready to pounce. "Let me explain!"

Han Jie felt a little remorse and said, "Snout, sit boy." With narrowed eyes, she glared at him as a notion to explain.

Through clenched teeth, "It is just temporary, once your sister is found, and that would be soon you can go back to this place."

"Huh. So I will be the temporary band-aid again, covering for my sister, while she is busy with something else." Han Jie smirked. Don't get her wrong, She loved her sister. Though they had their moments of fights, a twin could never hate the other. Yes, they were twins.

Sadly, Han Jie is the shadow, a wallflower that most did not pay attention to at a party. While her sister Han Mei was the bright, beautiful flower that everyone else wants to get close at any costs

Han Jie envied her sister for her personality and charisma that her father also appreciates, but should never hate her. Add to the fact that Han Mei was a very dutiful daughter, unlike her, that only did what she wants.

Regardless, the arranged marriage was a big thing that even Han Mei went against their father's wishes for the first time.

'Should I help her?' Han Jie thought to herself. She could pretend to be Han Mei and sabotage the engagement. However, the idea was immediately refused after the possibility of a damaged reputation that will be definitely blamed on her.

"I am not satisfied with your explanation. You can leave now. By the way, you have been there for more than five minutes. He is counting time for you, by the time it gets to ten minutes, he will attack you," Han Jie stated as she turned around and got to go inside the cabin, leaving Snout out to watch over him.

Han Jun not knowing if Han Jie was speaking the truth, slowly stepped back to get away from the dog, while cursing his cousin inside his head.

Seeing that he was on the move, Snout ran after him barking aggressively. Panicked Han Jun missed his step on the mountain path and found himself slipping down, making Snout catch up to him. Just before the dog snatched his flesh with the big jaws, Han Jie whistled to it, calling the dog back to her. Han Jie didn't bother to see the injuries Han Jun could have sustained as she went back into the cabin.

None of Han Jun's crew knew what had happened as they saw him limping down the hill. Jonah was the first to rush to him and asked, "What happened?"

Han Jun didn't oblige him with an answer as he hissed and walked past him into the helicopter. Jonah watched as the helicopter took off, not knowing what to do next, he decided to stick around as he could not return to his boss without his daughter.

'Should I try making good terms with Snout? I could at least try to get a better place to rest...' Jonah thought to himself. After all, his task was to guard Han Jie aside from bringing her back.

The only accommodation that he had a camping van and wished for a warmer place to stay in the middle of the mountain.

His wish came true!! when Han Jie opened the door of the cabin and motioned for him to get in.

"Miss, you surely do not want to go back?"Jonah asked after getting comfortable on a single sofa near the firewood in the small cabin.

The place smelled like wood and nature mixed with ink, which was nice. It was just a small cabin with one bedroom, the furniture was limited, and the electricity came from solar energy.

Jonah knew that Han Jie bought the land after the Han Madam passed away. It was just a small plot of land that can cater, a cottage and vegetation suitable for a family.

Even Jonah would never believe that Han Jie is the daughter of one business tycoon, who choose a very simple life without seeing it for himself.

"Miss, pardon me for disturbing you. However, I believe the master will not force you if the situation is still controllable."Jonah whispered.

Han Jie was currently on a wide study table, now drawing and she was acting as if she did not hear what he was saying. Suddenly she slammed her pen and screamed!

"Ah!!!!" Han Jie screamed with frustration. Her worry about her sister and the arranged marriage grew exponentially. "Fine! Let's go back..." She declared before walking back to her room with long strides to change.


It was very late at night when Han Jie and Jonah arrived at the Han family home. she met her father sitting in the waiting room anticipating her arrival. It was not usual to see her father still awake by that time.,

Han Jie sent a death glare to Jonah's way who just refused to look back at her, 'Traitor' She mouthed silently at the young man.

Nevertheless, she and her father needed to talk. The sad part was that she prefers to have a good night's sleep first before the talk.

Her gut feeling told her that she was in for a drama night, but she was determined to avoid any confrontation with the old man and hence want to evade her father saying the reason for rest. She walked past her dad with her dog without greeting him.

"Come here, Jie'er," Han Feng called out.

"I so exhausted dad, can't we postpone this till tomorrow?" she objected.

"Come and have your seat," Han Feng insisted, pointing to a couch opposite him. "You haven't seen me for a while now. I can't even count the number of days."

Han Jie reluctantly went over to sit and sat on. She looked into her father's eyes to envision what might be going through his mind. Han Feng was silent for close to a minute, keeping Han Jie uneasy.

Han Jie replied with indifference, "It was just seven months." It would have been easy for any father to remember when their child left home. Her father probably did not add to his planner.

She then continued, "I think we should do this tomorrow since you have nothing to say," Han Jie said as she tried to stand up.

"Sit down!" Han Feng exclaimed suddenly with authority. The shout from the old man jerked her back to her seat as she remained motionless looking down at her feet. The old man hardly shouts at her, but whenever that happens, it has to be something really serious.

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