12 I will scream r*pe 1

Han Jie ran out of the infirmary, hoping to catch her Master Shu for just one more glance. 'I could try to accidentally do something else…' She thought silently with a mischievous smile on her face like she had not just vowed to herself to not lie again.

Jonah sighed tiredly before he got up and followed her out of the broken door. He was younger than Han Jie but he looked and acted older than her. Being a babysitter for an adult was not really an easy job and he was just a guard!

"Now who is going to pay for that?" Bai Min muttered to himself, as he followed slowly behind them to get out of the office to do the necessary documentation for the repair.

He could not let Suzuki Kyou pay for the damage after what Han Jie had done.

"Han Jie! You owe me this!" He yelled at the room even though his friend was not there anymore.

While Bai Min was frustrated, Han Jie, on the other hand, was in a hurry. Her legs might be short but they were very fast, Jonah thought as he tried to catch up with her.

Suzuki Kyou moved fast but Chu Fan could easily keep up. He was so used to chasing his friend even from their college days that it became a habit.

Assistant Ye was lagging a little behind to give them privacy.

"What was that? I am missing something and you need to tell me or I won't be able to sleep!" Chu Fan asked in frustration.

"Then don't sleep," Suzuki Kyou replied without any care before he quickly got into his car, slammed the door closed and waited for his assistant to get in before giving his driver his home address immediately not caring about Chu Fan at all.

"You… You…" Chu Fan could not continue his statement as the car drove away from them. He could not understand what was going on or why Suzuki Kyou bothered with the Han miss, but it should not be grounds for him to drop on a business meeting just like that. At least he could say that his friend was upset.

'What the hell is going on?!' It was a problem that he would need to solve for a while. In the meantime, Chu Fan needed to go back to the restaurant and deal with his officers.

He was still walking back and not out of the parking lot yet when Chu Fan saw the woman who had caused his friend to suddenly leave.

Han Jie was fast, but she couldn't catch up with Suzuki Kyou. She was so close until someone grabbed her from behind.

"Let me go. Jonah!" she yelled for help. She was slightly out of breath from running but would not back down from the one who was holding her. Han Jie struggled and tried to step on the man's foot or kick him in the nuts again but he managed to evade her with a mocking laugh.

"Not until you apologize to me little girl," Manager Shirizawa said with a menacing tone.

Jonah moved faster before the manager could do anything stupid and managed to grab Manager Shirizawa by the shoulder. However, instead of releasing Han Jie, his grip tightened around her arm that made her wince in pain.

"Let go, or I will scream **** since you are not my type," Han Jie said as she hissed warningly . She was sure that the way Manager Shirizawa was gripping her, would definitely leave a mark later.

Aside from that, Han Jie was so upset that she did not manage to get another glimpse of her Master Shu! Due to anger and frustration, Han Jie bit his hand causing him to let her go. The manager raised his hand as though to slap her.

Jonah was going to use his bodyguard skills before Manager Shirizawa could land a hit to Han Jie's face until someone decided to speak not far from them.

"I would have never thought that you are the type to lay hands on a woman who is way smaller than you. You have disappointed me Manager Shirizawa," Chu Fan said coldly. He was walking towards them with his hands in his pockets.

Jonah pushed Manager Shirizawa away and stood protectively in front of Han Jie.

"CEO Chu she was… It was really her doing…" Manager Shirizawa tried to explain but Chu Fan shook his head.

While rubbing the place manager had gripped, "I hope you plan to do something about your manager CEO," Han Jie said looking at Manager Shirizawa who had dropped his hand, looking pale.

"Why of course," Chu Fan replied turning to the manager and stared him down without speaking. At that moment, he completely understood why Suzuki Kyou wanted the manager fired. He was supposed to talk to his friend about it too, but that was not needed anymore.

"There is no valid reason for hurting or manhandling a woman. I am done talking to you. Leave, hand over your resignation and pack your things Shirizawa before I decide otherwise," Chu Fan finally said without emotion.


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